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May 2, 2020 / Fantelius

It’s China’s Fault


The media chorus is singing the “Bad, Bad China” song.  It’s the same song that pours over the citizens every time the exceptional nation tries to justify or defend its actions. The name of the bad-bad victim changes, but the refrain blasts away a constant message, Them the bad guys, we the good guys. And consequently anything we the good guys do is right, no matter how wrong.

The exceptional nation killed 3 million Vietnamese to save them from Vietnam, but, hey!, an exceptional nation gotta do what exceptional nations do. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were killed and their country devastated to save them from a leader who’s weapons of mass destruction didn’t exist, but good guys have to do such things. Their war against terrorism produced a storm of terrorists, but… (you know the routine.)

The bad guy of the day is now China, but in this case the accusations have merit. It is China’s fault. China kept growing at an astonishing rate: the longest bridges, the highest bridges, the longest railway system with the fastest trains, energy and water supplies traveling 1000s of kilometers, technological advances, megacities, planting 100s of millions of trees, and on and on and on while the infrastructure of the USA was falling apart. China embarrassed the stripes and humiliated the stars of the American image. So when an overweight clown stepped into the spotlight and promised to make America great again, the citizens said, “Just do it!”

It was China’s fault that the USA got a great clown as it’s mouth piece. And consequently, one of the clown’s first actions, cutting the taxes for the super rich, can also be attributed to China. If anyone doubts China’s influence, recall the clown’s next action, a promise to build a great wall. Be honest now! When you hear of a great wall, what do you think of? Nuff said.

China could have left it at that and might have avoided the bad-bad status. But they didn’t. They developed a kick-ass smart phone with the best camera capabilities on the world market at a price a couple C-notes cheaper than the almost as good flagship smart phones in the West. That was the drop that broke some serious hubris hump. Smart phones were almost all that was left of the exceptional nation’s pride. Adding insult to injury, China also develop the fifth generation (5G) communications years before the North Atlantic Empire would be ready.

It was China’s fault that the good guy had to enforce sanctions and cut off access to key services and apps for the brilliant phones of the bad guys. The clown-land geniuses forgot however that China could survive on its own market and that Apple would take a major hit when that market decided it could do without iPhones.

The good guys realized their mistake and tried to negotiate with the bad guys who weren’t impressed with the attitude, offerings or conditions presented. They replied, “You can’t afford to cooperate with us.” Talk about insults. That was a diplomatic way of saying, We don’t want any more of your printed money and you have nothing to offer  that we can’t produce ourselves.

Enter the flu! Excuse me, the pandemic, which, after 4 months, claimed less than 250.000 deaths (0.003% of world population). A pandemic! Please subtract 95% of the fatalities due to underlying health problems to grasp the thinness this “pandemic”. While China stopped the virus in less than two months–they built a 1000-bed fully-equipped hospital from the ground up in 11 days… among other things—the fat clown took the opportunity to throw a few TRILLION dollars at the big bankers and inject some 100s of millions into the military. China’s fault! They never should have allowed that video of the hospital construction on YouTube.

And when a war breaks out we will know it’s because the bad-badies had the audacity to place their country right up against the bases and warships of the good-guys.

Isn’t it time for a word to describe a pandemic of lies, or is propaganda supposed to do the job?


”Life break-dances, breaking with the old
to create something new.
It’s what DNA does, and did when it created you.”

Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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