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September 20, 2020 / Fantelius

It’s an Empire, Stupid.

Should we vote for the weasel or the snake? Excuse me, no need to insult these animals. Should we vote for deranged evil or demented evil? Many progressive heavies encourage us to vote. They desperately appeal to us to choose the lesser evil as though putting the label “lesser” on evil justifies voting for evil.

They do this again and again and again and the evilness grows broader, deeper, sharper and eviler (sic). Again and again. 

It’s an empire, stupid, an enterprise of conquest, a money-oriented system where the winners in the battle for possessions and power win the power to make the decisions. Their names and titles own no significance. Their rule matters. It gives them the power to make the decisions. Their administrators formalize and execute the decisions. These demented and deranged servants of greed are chosen from among the 1% of the population and given special privileges to their serve the rulers. They have no more influence on their masters, the rulers, than a puppet has on its master. Voting (expressing a choice for one of two evil puppets to represent the winners in the lawless and ruthless battle of possessions) expresses a belief in evil puppets and the money-oriented (as opposed people-oriented) system that they represent.

The fewer people who vote, the less the system can claim legitimacy. And the closer the people come to creating a people-oriented (as opposed to money-oriented) system of community. If you are waiting for one of the rulers to step into the limelight and admit to being an emperor, just keep voting. It might happen.


”We have spelling checkers and grammar checkers, but we need stupidity checkers.”

“Stupidity comes in all shapes and sizes and can fit a pimp, prude, priest, professor or president..”

Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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