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October 18, 2020 / Fantelius

Black Chess Matters

This is portrait of Adolf Couschi, known as Badin, winning a game of chess. Badin was brought from the West Indies as a child and grew up in the Swedish court. The artist, Gustaf Lundberg, wishes to show us a young man of high intelligence. The pointing finger on Badin’s left hand seems to say, “Elementary, Dear Watson.”

The year was 1775. About 60.000 slaves would be shipped from Africa to Christian buyers in the West that year, as in every year of that century. Conventional wisdom among the Christians at that time evaluated the intelligence of Blacks well below normal White intelligence. Badin had also learned the game of diplomacy. The many white feathers are trophies of victories. The horse piece he holds forward encourages reflection and humility.

I wish I could paint a picture today to checkmate the conventional wisdom of the progressives (leftists/liberals/socialists/intellectual regime critics) who blame the citizens for the conditions affecting us all. “The 1% are not the problem, we have enslaved ourselves,” writes Tom Feeley (Information Clearing House, Oct. 15, 2020). Although seldom expressed so clearly, this sentiment blaming the people for today’s problems runs through the frustrated minds of many progressives. In Badin’s time, The Age of Enlightenment, intellectuals would criticize slavery but “understand” how the inferior disposition of the Blacks caused their attractiveness as slaves. Many people today refer to the citizens as sheeple. These critics who regard themselves as being politically aware prove to be unaware that their sheeple term is the equivalent of “nigger” in the worse sense.

The rulers (the winners of the possessions game) invest heavily and constantly in “informing” the ruled that they have themselves to blame for being victims. The intellectuals and progressives who suffer under the delusion of their own powers to withstand the poison of mass persuasion buy into the concept of guilty victims.

It’s elementary, dear progressives, do you possess a single feather of success to show for your intellectual efforts against the prevailing order? How do you imagine changing the rule of the super rich without the support of the people?



”Chess doesn’t pretend. You cannot vote for your opponents moves.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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