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November 14, 2020 / Fantelius


I kept the typo in the title of this post. It should, of course, read, Overpopulation

But overcopulation could be a good word. It could mean too much sex (if that is possible?), or refer to a certain position (whatever that could be?), or what the church used to regard as sinful sex because it wasn’t intended to produce a child. Good luck with that! Another reason to keep the title is to attract surfers. 

OK, now that you are here, let’s talk about overpopulation, an overused favorite word of the over-rich. People with more money than they could ever need for anything other that accumulating more money speak about overpopulation as a problem that threatens us all. 

Wiktionary’s definition of overpopulaion:

 — A situation which occurs when the number of occupants of an area exceeds the ability of that area to provide for those occupants.

Let’s get logical 

overpopulation = “OP”

area = “world“

occupants = “Homo sapiens”

“ability to provide” = “resources”

If Homo sapiens > (world + resources) then OP = true.

If Homo sapiens < (world + resources) then OP = bullshit.

In simple terms, the concept of overpopulation is bullshit used by the over-rich to hide over-inequality. Too few have far too much while too many have too little to nothing at all. Which is another way of saying that a tiny minority (1%) of Homo sapiens are fucking the rest. Global overcopulation!

There are too ways to reduce the amount of Homo sapiens.

1. Get rid of as many as possible. One could, for example, claim the common flu is a deadly disease and scare the world population 24/7 with scripted figures and horror stories. (Over-bullshit) This permits the enforcement of social catastrophes and economic devastation to cause widespread isolation, despair, suicides and stress-related deaths. Millions die (are gotten rid of) in a noble effort to save thousands from dying from catching a cold.

2. Provide a good, relatively equal, standard of living for everyone. 

After WWII all the countries of Europe with a high standard of living and strong social services decreased their population. Naturally.

In other words:

Get together to create a world for everyone or get overcopulated.


“Trust in authority can endanger your species.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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