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February 13, 2021 / Fantelius

Helpful Virus

SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the disease COVID-19, belongs to a group of viruses that are generally helpful. This group of ball-shaped viruses normally cause a week or two of symptoms typical of the common cold or flu. The virus pays well for using us to multiply itself by strengthening our biological defense mechanisms for a long time. The infection can be seen as a form of training, a little pain for lots of gain.

People who avoid catching a cold or flu for many years can expect a particularly severe reaction when a virus eventually grips them because their defenses are out of shape. The body normally mounts an adequate resistance anyway due to its treasure of experience. If however another ailment (a comorbidity) is straining the defense resources, the body may not be able to fight on two fronts and be forced to surrender to the stronger disease, possibly die. In some cases the virus acts as helping hand to an already inevitable outcome. The cause of death with a virus is not the same thing as death caused by a virus.

Virus infections have been strengthening our defenses and fine tuning our anatomy for 100s of thousands of years. They also force workaholics and burnout candidates to take a break, thereby averting heart attacks and strokes. Trying to eliminate virus infections because of health concerns is like trying to avoid walking for fear of wearing out our legs.

People complain about their ordeal with the pains and discomforts of a flu, but similar complaints can be heard for hundreds of life’s ordeals, whether a broken bone, a physically exhausting experience, or getting an apartment ready for parents to meet the pillow-mate. Let’s be honest! Lying in bed with a combination of running nose, soar throat, fever, headache and body pains does not qualify for a horror story or hero awards. Of course a virus infection can lead to serious consequences or even death for people with other health problems, but so can an infection, inflammation, bad food, stress, depression or a punch in the nose. Years of experience with colds and flu have taught us they’re no big deal for normal healthy people, and as unworthy of news reports as cases of missing cats.

Enter SARS-CoV-2, the designated super villain virus. Suddenly, the common flu becomes elevated to plague status. Medical experts around the world have been trying to tell us that Covid-19 differs insignificantly from a seasonal flu, but they find few channels to communicate their views. The mass media saturates the citizens with the authoritative narrative all day every day. Questioning the official reports is met with silence, condemnation, disinformation, ridicule and censor. Highly qualified and experienced professionals with opposing views find themselves in the same basket as conspiracy theorists.

With the totals for year 2020 now calculated, the figures confirm that the total mortality rate around the world shows no abnormality despite the deadly pandemic. The critical medical experts questioning the nature of the virus and the methods to confront it appear to be allied with statistics. In view of the increase of deaths due to the devastating effects of the methods used to prevent people from getting Covid-19, this virus should be rated less threatening than the average flu. The twisted perspective of badmouthing the common flu can be seen in a typical newspaper article.

My friend tossed the newspaper onto the table in front of me. “This should interest you,” he said with an unspoken, “… and any other conspiracy nut.”

“Östgöta Correspondenten” is a daily newspaper in Sweden. The dominant message of the article shouts from the BOLD headline that many more people died last year (2020) than “normal” according to SCB (= Central Bureau of Statistics.) The graph illustrates the headline by showing us that some 6000 more people died in 2020 than the average for the period 2015 to 2019.

Welcome to the world of disinformation. This article is a bold-faced lie. The figures compare one year with an average of five years in which one year (winter season 2018-19) registered 2000 more influenza deaths than C-19 in 2020. Furthermore, the comparison takes no consideration to the relative population increase each year. Sweden has 1,5 million more inhabitants now than in 2015. Legitimate statistics don’t compare absolute numbers with relative ones. All Covid deaths, including those in the double asterisked (**) small print, are listed as died with (“med”), not of, Covid-19. The body text itself, which is read by less than 5% of the readers, deals with some of the twisted statistics and concludes with the following sentence: “Far fewer people die now compared to earlier.”

In other words, the text that hardly anyone reads agrees with the medical experts claiming that Covid-19 is basically a seasonal flu, but the bold headline, strengthening the graph, leaves almost everyone with the impression that C-19 is unusually wicked.

This tiny article, a drop in an ocean of the daily media coverage, typifies the dominant theme raining down on the citizens of the world, FEAR. The persistent daily media storm of all-things Covid-19 spreads fear, fear and more fear. The generally helpful Dr. Jekyll flu has been transformed into the merciless Mr. Hyde killer virus. The normal occurrence of the old and weak being escorted to death by a virus catalyst is presented as proof of the danger of the terrifying Covid-19.

Many leaks and cracks, not to mention statistics, can expose the official pandemic fairytale, but let’s go to the smoking gun, or in this case, the junk in the needle. We are told that people who receive a vaccination will be given a passport to lead a normal life. What about the people who recovered from a case of Covid-19? They already have the antibodies that the vaccination is intended to produce. Why do they need the jab? Because (we are disinformed), their antibodies don’t last very long and they will, therefore, have to be vaccinated as well. The claim of short-lived antibodies pours off authoritative tongues as though based on facts, reports or statistics. No such evidence exists. At best, we are told of someone who was tested positive and contracted Covid-19 a second time. We are not told anything about these someones, or how many have been documented, or what percentage of cases they represent. Nor is there any mention of the large amount of false positives among the those tested, which could easily explain why one of those incorrectly diagnosed could turn up with a real positive. Like much of the disinformation threaded through the emperor’s pandemic robe, the claim that vaccine immunity is superior to natural immunity is bullshit. Simple. Natural. Pure.

We are supposed to believe that the body’s evolved ability to remember how it defeats invaders is somehow put out of commission by this new corona virus, while a new, unproven and uncontrolled artificial piece of a corona virus wrapped in artificial lipid (= fat) performs better than our natural biological functions. The theoretically effective laboratory creation (which comes with a cost, nudge-nudge) will be forced upon the citizens of the world because the free, natural occurring human response seems to develop Alzheimers under the influence of the current celebrity virus.

Really!? We are alive today thanks to billions of our ancestors who survived virus attacks and learned how to deal with them. The chance of someone under 50-years-old dying of Covid-19 is less than their chance of dying in an automobile accident. Although ridiculous, it would make more sense to forbid young people to ride in cars than to close schools, if concern for their lives was the chief objective. Trying to prevent young people from exposure to the virus amounts to preventing them from developing immunity to the virus.

At least 85% of the people above the age of 80 survive a battle with Covid-19. 95% of the 15% who do die had another ailment to take responsibility for the death. The media, however, presents the figures as though we should be astonished and terrified that old people die more frequently than young ones. Death is by definition a tragedy. Exploiting this tragedy to lock the world down and cause biblical suffering goes far beyond tragedy to the domain of international crime against humanity.

The methods to prevent the spread and deaths caused by the pandemic kill far more people than the pandemic itself. I’ve yet to hear an authority explain the reasoning behind killing many to save a few. Damaging and destroying the economy, culture and social life of the citizens of the world have bankrupted 100s of thousands of businesses and thrown 100s of millions of people into unemployment, poverty and homelessness, not to mention isolation’s promotion of domestic violence, substance abuse, depression and criminality. The methods of saving people piles corpses mountain high compared to a hill of corona victims.

The Media’s addiction to corona numbers seems to blind it to the increase in suicides, particularly in the poorer countries of the world. Ditto for homicides. Exceptionally a notice creeps out to a minor audience such as New York Magazine (Dec 29, 2020), “In many cities throughout the United States, homicides were up considerably. /—-/ 41% increase in NYC compared to 2019”

Another blind spot behind the Media hysterics about corona is the stranglehold on freedom. Besides commanding a great portion of the world’s population into open home prisons and demanding meaningless* facemasks, opinions that don’t fit official policies are unofficially declared unfit for public debate. Professionals opposing governmental doctrine are ignored, ridiculed or censored. Criticisms of or alternatives to authorized procedure suffer the inquisition of major social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram now privileged with the power to censor.

*Facemasks: There is not a single study to verify the ability of facemasks to prevent the spread of a virus, but there are many confirming both the uselessness of facemasks, as well as the personal harm caused by breathing through facemarks in general.

We are Media pounded with the fairytale about

  1. the ridiculous vaccine good, natural immunity bad myth
  2. the necessary kill many to save a few policy (lockdowns, isolation, business destruction, unemployment, etc.)
  3. the facemask fallacy
  4. and the medical aid cures + alternative method taboos.

What’s going on?? Before dealing with that question, point 4 above, which hasn’t been dealt with yet, needs an explanation.

Alternative method

Great Barrington Declaration (GBD): As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection.”

The entire, short, declaration can be read at along with a list of the professionals and laymen who have signed it: 41,244 medical practitioners; 13,618 medical & public health scientists; and 749,895 citizens as of Feb. 13, 2001.

The declaration basically proscribes “Focused Protection”, that is to say, protect the weak and vulnerable people and let the rest go about their business. Regardless of what you think of the GBD, it is not mentioned and not the subject of debate in the Media despite over 50 000 professionals recommending it. “Not subject of debate” = lack of freedom/democracy. The fairytale shall not be shadowed.

The large medical company Merch, btw, “has abandoned development of two coronavirus vaccines, saying that after extensive research it was concluded that the shots offered less protection than just contracting the virus itself and developing antibodies.” Steve Watson in Summit News, Jan. 26, 2021

Medical aid cures

The early use of hydroxychloroquine (malaria medicine) on corona patients has been proven effective by many medical practitioners and is being used in several places around the world. By “been proven” means that 1000s of patients are living testimony to the benefits of this medical treatment. When a group of doctors testified to the positive effects of hydroxychloroquine on Youtube, the video was taken down as part of the general campaign to hide, deny and vilify this and any other method other than vaccination as a way of dealing with the celebrity virus.

Nebulizing (inhaling a spray of) hydrogen peroxide has also been proven effective against Covid-19.

Other medical treatments and vitamin supplements have documented benefits for covid-19 patients. It is not my intention to recommend or warn of any of these, but to point out the witch hunt against any method or medicine not authorized by the official Media blitz whipping up obedience to the prevailing dogma.

Yet the entire pandemic and the methods to deal with it are too stupid. Something else must be going on. What? You are going to have to wait for the followup to this Helpful Virus post for my take on that. Use the comment section or mail me at the @ress under the about-picture!


”The perfect citizen is 58% fear, 64% obedience and not very good at statistics.”

Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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