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April 8, 2021 / Fantelius

NYTimes Rhymes with Crimes

By mentioning that times rhymes with crimes, I do not claim that the New York Times commits crimes. Hypocrisy is no crime. Racism is no crime. Lying is no crime. Quoting out of context is no crime. Printing all the news that’s tailored to fit the prevailing order is no crime. No, the NYT is not criminal but merely the slut Queen of American journalism.

An article headlined Facebook Freezes Nicolás Maduro’s Page for Spreading Virus Misinformation exposes the sleazy character of Ms. NYTimes. 

NYT seems unaware that Facebook has no authority or competence to judge “misinformation” about viruses. The most prestigious American newspaper pretends to be clueless about censoring criticism of official policy under the euphemism of misinformation. Not even Congress is allowed to prevent the freedom of speech according to the law of the land as stipulated in the First Amendment of the Constitution. Facebook however, with the unstated approval of the NYT, has somehow be anointed with the privilege of violating freedom of expression, without which there can be no democracy.

The NYTimes doesn’t seem to have a sense of time either. It quotes an unmentioned Facebook spokesman saying, “We follow guidance from the W.H.O. that says there is currently no medication to cure the virus.” The “currently” quoted by the spokesman must have occurred long before Maduro’s announcement about a new medicine, and is therefore meaningless. The NYTimes didn’t notice.

Maduro’s explains in his video that the Carvativir medicine “is the result of several clinical, scientific and biological studies that lasted nine months and included experimentation on moderately and severely ill patients, who, recovered from the disease thanks to these drops.” And added that the documentation “will be published in international magazines” and presented to WHO for certification.

This prompted the NYT to comment that no evidence of the medicine’s effectiveness was provided. And that Maduro “declined to release the name of the “brilliant Venezuelan mind” that created the drug.”

Talk about hypocrisy. Can NYT name any brilliant American mind behind the unproved vaccines? And it’s not just hypocrisy, it it? The phrase “brilliant Venezuelan mind” is not used by Maduro and definitely not in reference to a researcher working on Carvativir. It’s a type of indirect rasism typical of a mean-spirited bitch.

Welcome to Mainstream Media. (MSM)

BTW, it’s not just the NYT or the American MSM. A Google search for “Facebook freezes Maduro” turns up 1,330,000 hits, most of which pours out the same garbage as the slut Queen. Attempts at damaging the health of Big Pharma’s profits will not be tolerated.


“If your intelligence isn’t traveling the path of Homo sapiens’ health and happiness, it labors up a dead end with extinction blocking the way back.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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