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July 6, 2021 / Fantelius

The Palestinian Holocaust

Jupiter Drift commented on the previous post and asked if I “have any thoughts about the European terrorists ethnic-cleansing the people of Palestine?”

Jupiter uses the term ethnic-cleansing. Apartheid is another term often used to describe the Israeli state.  I prefer to speak of a holocaust, because I believe it to be the most accurate term. The other two terms are technically correct, but don’t convey the depth or extent of the evil inflicted on the Palestinians, explicitly spelled out in the definition of a holocaust; destruction and slaughter on a mass scale.

But even the term holocaust fails to capture the suffering and despair forced upon the Palestinians and supported by the “European terrorists”(ETs); the promoters, backers, suppliers, and tolerators of the racist degenerates running the Israeli holocaust machinery. The well-manicured enablers in prestigious positions treat the gang of criminals dressed in government formality with diplomatic legitimacy even though they murder, steal, torture, imprison, destroy, harass, and suppress the natives of the land. The UN has de facto declared itself morally bankrupt by allowing Israel to be a member of their organization while it flagrantly breaks, ignores, insults and defies practically all rules and declarations of the UN charter and the UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights.

Many ETs go deeper than immorality in the cesspool of lies and swim in hypocrisy. They repeat, for example, the ridiculous Israeli claim of “the right to defend themselves.” Where is this “right” for aggressors and occupiers? They speak of this “right” as though a law exists permitting the overlords to kill the survivors of their policies. A heavily armed soldier has the “right” to send an assault rifle bullet through the back of a fleeing 14-year-old boy who threw a stone at a tank? Elite soldiers have the “right” to board a ship in international waters and shoot unarmed passengers to death at pointblank range because they try to deliver humanitarian aid to the victims of the overlords?

It is difficult to paint the the extent of the evil that has been cast upon the Palestinians for more than 70 years. One needs paint of blood and tears with brushes of angry steel, and a canvas of bulldozed homes, torn-down orchards and traumatized children. Verbal description needs simple words heavier than gravity. When Palestine children were asked by an aid organization what they would like, the most common answer was, “A glass of water at lunchtime in school.”

Two Israelis try to tell us about the realities of Israeli decadence, journalist David Sheen, and “The General’s Son”, Miko Pelad, Their articles and videos are easily accessed. The ETs seem unaware of them. The story of the murder of the first UN peace ambassador is also enlightening:, as is the AIPAC series at this site (click above). This series exposes the main protectors and providers of the Israeli holocaust enterprise, who give $-billions every year to the Israeli government so that they can give the money back to the USA weapons industry to get the tools they need to work their evil? These ATs (figure it out!) who are so concerned about the Uyghurs. If hypocrisy were a crime the prison industry would be booming. And the ETs and ATs would have no use for their designer smiles.


“Pride yourself on honesty and even your cracks will smile.”

Dartwill Aquila


The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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  1. JD / Jul 8 2021 8:46 pm

    Spot on..”The Palestinian Holocaust” has been going on for over 72 years and counting, the Iraqi, Lebanese Syrian holocaust over 20 years! The so called Jewish holocaust lasted for less than 4 years but, we still hear about it 80 years later!

    Thank you for your continous support for justice

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