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January 19, 2022 / Fantelius

The Truth About the Unvaccinated

There is no such thing as “the unvaccinated.” This term is an invective; a racist-class insult to stigmatize those who don’t want to be injected with an unproven concoction of unknown ingredients. Practically all citizens, including children, have been vaccinated many times. Yet this treacherous label is used to discriminate, harass and persecute healthy citizens who practice freedom to determine what does and does not get injected into their organs and blood.

The Plutrants (= plutocrat + tyrant ) established this semantic liturgy to counter the reluctance to their experimental, artificial-gene drug, which they call an mRNA vaccination. For protection. Unvaccinated sounds like a person who should be wearing a leprosy bell, while mRNA protection sounds like a massage cream.

Why are the Plutrants so committed to injecting everyone with the experimental mRNA drugs? They claim that healthy people threaten society in general and the vaxxed in particular. Demons in hell blush hearing that nonsense. Are those who have been injected for protection three times endangered by those with no protection? Wow! A mountain of fear was needed to promote that “wisdom”.

The true reasons for the get-vaxxed fanaticism are much simpler. Firstly, every jab in the arm injects $$$s into the Plutrants’ accounts. Follow the money, Dorothy! Secondly, and vital to the entire pandemic experiment, the unvaxxed represent a control group. The great experiment is already leaking spiked blood. The vaccine-protected are falling and dying at a greater pace than the unvaxxed. Plugging these facts with denial can’t keep pace with the personal tragedies causing ever increasing leaks; not to mention the increasing testimonies of medical professionals.

The Plutrants have their backs against the wall. And the wall is leaking. Dangerous times, dangerous times.


“You can trust the force of truth and love within you

—the force of life—

or you can obey the dictates of the greedy who victimize the needy.”

Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area


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