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March 8, 2022 / Fantelius

Five Dartwills

The wealthier the rulers become the less freedom they can afford for their subjects.


Increased tyranny and decadence characterize an empire in decline,
even those dressed in media-certified democracy
decorated with authorities wearing manicured smiles above tiny non-waving flags.


Big tears and angry sorrow for advantageous victims. Empty silence for others.


The Big Party promised to require rapists to wear condoms.
The Large Party would require rapists to offer a choice of positions.
The Correct Party wanted to change the offensive label “rapist” to mandatory lover.

When the giants fight the doves take to flight,
the rabbits and rats go out of sight,
and the trolls come out to bet on who’s right.



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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