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August 8, 2022 / Fantelius

Fake Freedom


Fake news, fake views, fake truths, real blues.

The world is fake. Not really, not the real world, but our perception of the money-oriented world. We think that Homo sapiens’ society is for Homo sapiens. It should be, but it is not. And we know it, but the truth is too painful to admit. So we wander and whine in obedient alienation.

The governance of the world is oriented toward the accumulation of possessions. That which is profitable is promoted. If not, it is neglected. We know that. We know that a money-oriented system drives the machinery of society. Obviously, we are not geared to a people-oriented way of life. The health care system, for example, is doing very well. The health of the citizens can’t claim the same. Iatrogenic disease (= illness caused by medical treatment) is the third most common cause of death in the USA, and medical treatment is the first cause of personal bankruptcies. At least a third of the population is burdened with obese bodies, each of which is waddling toward the open jaws of the health care system.

“The nation that can’t provide for the health of its citizens is sick.
The nation that sickens its citizens is diseased.”
Dartwill Aquila

99% of the US government consists of individuals in the top 1% income bracket, who are legally lobby-bribed to manage the flow of money from the great majority of the people into the fat vaults of a tiny minority. An army of professional informers sing about this to the tune of “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” as though this transfer of wealth occurs by some mysterious law of nature. 

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The government has been bought for you by Pfizer

Everyone of us has many examples to illustrate how “Money talks. Bullshit walks.” Until recently, the de facto rulers could afford freedom of speech for the citizens. Now that the rust, cracks and leaks in the prevailing order have become all too costly to repair or hide, freedom of speech has become too expensive to maintain. Censorship disguised in fake names unceremoniously gags mouths and denies channels of communication. Disinformation; hate speech; improper references; policy rules; whatthefuckever… The fake names all accomplish the same results. Censorship. Free speech is confined to saying what is allowed to be said. That is to say, speech is no longer free. Freedom becomes a synonym for obedience. Everyone is free to praise the democratic robe on naked tyranny.

Once they start censoring words,
they will not stop until only two words remain.
“Yes, master.”
Dartwill Aquila

According to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (with my bold):

“…human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech /—/ the highest aspiration of the common people. /—/ Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media.”

The UN Declaration is as clear as a smile of love and contains no exceptions to the right of everyone “to hold opinions without interferencethrough any media.” 

Today corporations have the right to decide who gets to say what. Judging by their decisions, individuals spread disinformation, never the government. People are liars. Politicians tell the truth. You are free to believe what the authorities tell you. If you believe that fake freedom of speech is democracy, you should be very grateful that stupidity is not a crime.


“Hate can fossilize fate.
Understanding can liberate.
Hate hate!”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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