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March 14, 2023 / Fantelius

Life is no longer a mystery


I’m going to tell you how life began, and reveal the mystery of what life is all about. You are, of course, sceptical. You should be. But you are a member of life and have access to all of its basic knowledge, conditions and abilities. This testifies to your competence, and authorises your qualifications to decide if my explanation makes sense. You will know. It’s about life. It’s about you. Remain sceptical, but keep the scepticism behind an open mind.

I asked ChatGPT, ”What is life?” (3 separate sessions)
ChatGPT1: ”life is complex and multifaceted, and can be understood in different ways.”
ChatGPT2: ”there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what life is.”
ChatGPT3: ”a definition of life is still a question of ongoing debate and research.”

Using 146, 134 and 171 words respectively they all state repeatedly, ”I don’t know.” (Without  using those 3 simple words.) ChatGPT seems to blend artificial politics with artificial intelligence. It does however admit to the ruling order’s limited knowledge of the origins and essence of life.

”If you must hide behind language, big words and long sentences are useful.” Dartwill Aquila

Back to the beginning

Let’s go back a few thousand million years to the first spark of life. We see a tiny molecule consisting of 12 common atoms: 4 carbon, 4 hydrogen, 2 nitrogen, 2 oxygen. To put that in perspective, the entire molecule contains 58 electrons. Many single atoms have more. This molecule will eventually be called Uracil. I’ll refer this speck of matter, as pre-Uracil.

Pre-Uracil’s atoms had come together and formed a ring-shaped object which vibrated with the same wavelength as the energy radiating from the sun, and could therefore absorb some of the energy. We know this because modern science has confirmed that Uracil, which is still with us in all the cells of life, can absorb light’s energy.

I believe that description of Uracil’s light-absorbing ability has a slight, but decisive, flaw. Pre-Uracil didn’t absorb energy, it merged with it. This bit of matter united with light photons at the weakest and longest wavelengths of the sun’s radiation. Matter joined with light’s energy and became a new element. Energy and matter became life. Uracil was born; the first element of life; a bit of matter energised with energy; living energy.

Life = Energy + Matter

Just as two small gas atoms of hydrogen join (not absorb), a large gas atom of oxygen to become water, photons of energy and the atoms of a molecule, joined to become life. It is difficult enough to imagine how two gases become a liquid. It’s a greater challenge to imagine the transformation of energy and matter into life. Yet here we are, Homo sapiens. We have life’s strength and entire history within us. As representatives of life we can confirm that we are indeed energised matter; living energy.

Uniting different elements to create a new element occurs regularly. I mentioned water. Simple salt is another example. Sodium, a metal, unites with chloride, a toxic gas, and salt sits on the table. Lichen, one of the most common forms of life, also demonstrates the power of uniting diverse elements. It’s heritage stems from algae merging with fungi (moss with mushrooms.) And where would we be if a primitive cell didn’t merge with a bacteria to become the modern cell holding billions of Homo sapiens together. I mean, of course, holding our bodies together. We are not very good at holding together in groups.

Look at yourself! You are both energy and matter, an example of living (energised ) matter.  We are life. We think as little about it as we think of our feet when walking, or our ears when hearing. For all we know, we may be the only examples of life in the universe. After experimenting with millions of different forms of life for millions of years, we are the latest results of the first energised Uracil. Those first 12 atoms have grown to billions of atoms in every cell of every living organism. That’s life! Energy enhanced matter. Uracil is still with us in all the major events within the nucleus of our cells. Our brains and central nervous systems still communicate on the same frequency used by pre-Uracil and energy to unite.

Our bodies have always known this. We are life. We are living matter.

Life (L) can be explained by the formula L=M+E.  Einstein’s formula E=MC2 is valid for inorganic matter. L=M+E applies for organic matter. We are life. We are energy and matter.

Before I discuss the nature of life, I must point out that the scientific community hasn’t noticed that we are a form of energy. I’ve seen many lists of types of energy. They usually contain 7 to 14 examples of different energies. After prompting ChatGPT enough, it supplied a list of 25 types of energy. Despite Chat’s impressive list, it (as well as all the other lists I’ve seen), fails to mention biological energy, life’s energy.

Definitions of energy spotlight ”the ability to do work.” We, as all life, have the ability to do work. Survival is a struggle, the work of life. Life’s energy ”works” and affects the entire earth, yet is a victim of indifference, unworthy of a mention when energies are discussed.

The Nature of Life

Energy gives matter its motion. Matter gives energy its form.

I’ve often tried to imagine what the first forms of life did with their energy. I haven’t succeeded yet, but a global clue shouts at us. There was no soil or life on earth 1000 million years ago. Stone, mountains, sand, rivers and oceans, yes. Life, no. We need merely witness life’s expansion since climbing onto land to appreciate its power. It appears to be unstoppable, continually capturing the sun’s energy and combining it with matter of the earth into uncountable forms of living energy everywhere, from tiny water mites to great whales; from fleas to albatrosses; from dandelions to redwoods; from meadows to jungles.

Life’s power to conquer so much of the earth clues us to the uniqueness of its power. It must be a force of attraction, a force that pulls together. From the very first energised molecule perhaps uniting with an electron or two, life has radiated the energy of attraction merging the sun’s energy with the earth’s matter.

The force of life seems to be a synonym for love, the force of attraction. It pull elements together, from simple molecules to mating passions. Life’s power is love’s power, a force similar to gravity. But where gravity pulls us down, love pulls us together. Love promotes unity, strength, prosperity and peace.

Love energy is one of the two main elements of life, or the force of life. The other element is form; matter; the body of life; the packaging. Or simply, Truth. Love is the force of attraction. Truth is the body of reality, a solid source of dependability, strength and confidence.

Love and Truth can be considered the soul and body of life.
– Life is not that simple.
– Thank goodness, but it is that basic.

If Homo sapiens can unite on Love and Truth …

”Everyone doing what they can, is enough to do everything that needs to be done.” Dartwill Aquila

A Curios Reflection:

Uracil compares to the first line of one of the most famous books in the world.
“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

Is Uracil not a miniature of heaven and earth? The earth is represented by carbon, a solid, surrounded by the gases hydrogen,
nitrogen and oxygen as heaven.
“And then the Spirit of God said, “Let there be light (energy).”
Curious, isn’t it?

Or am I suggesting that the truth of our creation must be within us, so it obviously affects the choices we make, and the beliefs we hold. We might also reflect on the God-like nature of life. It is all powerful, everywhere, equal for all people and is basically good. And I suspect that life answers prayers as often as God does.

In the name of Life, Truth and the holy force of Love, we are blessed.

”Life is work.
Hard work. Demanding work.
We’ll never have a better job.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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