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November 18, 2012 / Fantelius

Heart, Mind & World

Painting by the Swiss artist, Janine Cottier

We are so tiny and so powerful.
We are a speck that can see beyond the stars.
Our immeasurable insignificance houses dreams
the universe can’t imagine.
Our minds dance to the simple beat of our hearts
and enchant the resources of the earth
to serve our desires.

We are a miracle of creation grown arrogant,
abusing the sources that sustain us,
challenging the forces that maintains us.

We have the power to create magnificent beauty
if we could learn to submit to truth
and worship necessity.

Yes, we have the sight to see beyond the stars,
but do we have the vision to see beyond the day
and how we threaten our own tomorrow?



“By burying our heads in the sand,
we shorten the distance to the eternal darkness.”

Dartwill Aquila

(Tomorrow: Fuck-you Beauty)


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  1. Anonymous / Nov 18 2012 11:57 am

    The most beautiful vision about sustainability I got was from a poor farmer in Burkina Faso: he said development is about my parents,me and my child; I learn from the past, to act now for the future of my child. If we act all like that man…..

  2. margriet reinders / Nov 18 2012 6:44 am

    Many beautiful visions have been developed since the Club of Rome warned us late 60’s, but this major issue is for most still a political one, not one of or own survival.

    • Fantelius / Nov 18 2012 9:51 am

      Despite all the conferences, promises and goals the amount of pollutants continue to increase and at a faster rate than ever. So much for the Club of Rome and all the other rulers.

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