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November 19, 2012 / Fantelius

Fuck-you Beauty

I call this my fuck-you picture.

When I get angry or upset at vulgarities attacking my senses, I stare at my fuck-you picture allowing its simple elegance to massage my insulted need of beauty.

Fuck the tingle-tangle-tinsle toys!
Fuck the useless expensive metal!
Fuck the plastic laughter played on nonsense!
Fuck the sins of fractured fashion!
Fuck the screaming symbols pasted on desperate lonliness!
Fuck the delicate mutilations to attract blind eyes!
Fuck the gaudy monuments to empty happiness!
Fuck the glittering titles polishing obedience!
Fuck the glorified greed spraying fear to protect its glory.
Fuck the forked tongues speaking through hidden fangs about the triviality of blood.

Fuck em!

Whisper your song of grace, reeds! I listen.
Hum about the morning when the mist lay in the embrace of silence and the lake held its breath to honor the kingdom of harmony.


(Tomorrow: Hindia from Somalia)

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