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February 23, 2013 / Fantelius

We Earthlings


Sculpture by Kenneth E.J. Pils exhibited at the Supermarket Independent Art Fair at the House of Culture in Stockholm. Kenneth’s art is well worth a visit:


We are earthlings.
Constructed from elements of the earth,
a living part of the earth,
interacting with the earth.

The earth does not give us what we need,
it provides. For everything.
We take from what is available.
We take. Take and take…
We transform what we take
and throw it back to the earth
as junk.

We slaughter ancient forests,
tear apart noble mountains,
create rivers and islands of plastic,
contaminate the air,
heat the atmosphere
and treat each other as so much junk as well.

Many who still have water to drink
and food to eat
dance in the light of the flames of decadence,
dangling stuff,
singing about money,
dreaming of fame,
praying for love
and searching for happiness in hollow souls
by screaming, ”I’m worth it.”
A chilly echo bounces through the hollowness, ” … worth it, worth it…”

Who can deny that earthlings are worth what nature has in store for them?



“People who believe that life owes them something
are unaware of the value of life.”
Dartwill Aquila

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