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February 24, 2013 / Fantelius



People often ask about what they can do to promote a better world. Among the 1000s of things that can be done, one stands out as a moral imperative. Give for what you get.

We are cradled in the belief that many things are free. They are not. Most ”free” sites, all free newpapers and many other give-aways are channels of advertisements. The advertisers pay for them to reach your eyes-balls. The cost of the adverts are tagged on to the price of the products. You wind up paying anyway.

We are encouraged to be takers. The world needs more givers.

Wikipedia is dedicated to giving information and knowledge to the people of the world. It contains no advertising and has no government support. It gives on the principle that people will pay for what they get and support its efforts.

Have you gotten anything from Wikipedia? Has it helped you? Has it given you knowledge and information?

Please give something for what you get. Go to Wikpedia and make a donation. Like with true love, you’ll get back more than you give.



“Love is not to give and get.
It’s to give and receive.”
Dartwill Aquila

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