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May 3, 2013 / Fantelius

Wild Roses in the Shadows

As so many times before in so many places the conversation wandered into fields of money. The mirage of the big win appeared. It would tame the temperament of life.

I’ve been here before. We all have. Like beasts we lay down and purr when the sirens of money sing their songs of seduction. Drugged on fantasies of luxury we embrace visions of entering the palace of happiness where the other wealthy live.

No one bursts the bubble. No one exposes the lie or explains how happiness lives in the health of the community. Money can’t buy away the nasty particles in the water and air that can attack our cells and those of our loved ones? It can’t turn down the heat on global warming that threatens us all. It can’t buy us the joy of walking among strange people secure in knowing that only our hearts can be stolen from the smiles we meet. The peace of mind that allows us to talk to roses can’t be bought with money.

We need merely look at the condition of our money-oriented world to see that money blinds us and leads us along muddy paths of injustice and destruction.

I need to have another talk with the wild roses in the shadows.



“Each kiss of beauty from a flower is a message of love from life.”
Dartwill Aquila

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