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February 14, 2014 / Fantelius

Time Doesn’t Fly, It Counts

It would be impossible to explain electric lights to anyone 200 years ago. You would claim to produce 100 times more light than a single candle in an instant at a fraction of the cost. Simple people would have more light in their homes, than the wealthiest kings of the day.

Yet explaining today’s wonders 200 years ago would be relatively easy compared to explaining nanotechnological wonders 200 years in the future. Techno developments occur much quicker now than previously.

Think of a nano-computer implanted in a space smaller than a tiny piercing, yet so powerful that it could project light with such precision that water molecules in the air could function as the surface of a projected screen … which you could control with your mind … while the genetically modified chlorophyll molecules in your hair generate power directly from the sun … as you sit in your outdoor easy chair that you produced minutes earlier with artificial atoms.

One problem. In order to get to these wonders, we must get our social organization in order. Technology is the easy part. The human community is the difficulty. As long as we spend our time and resources on unproductive, junk and destructive technologies to maintain a system of vulgar inequality, the future of technology is irrelevant. No humans will be around in 200 years.

End of Technology Week

Perhaps you don’t have to worry about the future.
There might not be one.

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