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February 17, 2014 / Fantelius

Find Three Faults with the Jesus Icon

To help you find the faults, note what is not a fault.

The hair is not, it’s perfect. Start filming! No contemporary of Jesus had hair anything like this, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

The hand gesture is also perfect. It’s a blessing. During Jesus’ time the thumb would be closed and the gesture would say, ”Shut up, I’m speaking.”

Nothing wrong with the halo either. Or the virgin’s nightgown. The hair, nightgown and delicate hands may say something about the artist, but none of the faults can be found here.

The faults:
1. The top of the cross is bent. (This probably occurred after the sculpture was complete.)
2. The pennant or streamer in his left hand. WTF! What’s that all about? Perhaps it’s a suggestion that Swedes were God’s chosen people.
3. He has a goiter on the left side of his neck, a sign of thyroid cancer. This explains his OMG-look and might be a way to console us about his crucifixion. Even a painful death on the cross would have been better than what thyroid cancer would have done to him.

Note: This blog is satire about a sculpture, not about a person, God or holy force.


Be reasonable! is a favorite request of the unreasonable.

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