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March 31, 2014 / Fantelius

The Eternal Night Story of the Shiny Prince

Pifogomy4_7842OK children, finish your salted crispy fat and take one last piece of chewy sweetened chemicals and go brush your teeth with tangy-tasting, water-polluting sludge and get into bed. Yes, I’ll tell you an eternal night story to nourish your obedience.

Once upon a time a shiny Prince of frightened, hungry, homeless and sick people took more and more from anybody who had anything and spread hate, conflicts and wars to help people give their resources to his shiny friends. He created many jobs by hiring battalions of clowns and decorated fools to tell everyone how wonderful he was and how wonderful everything was going to be when the shiny people in the shadows knew everything about everyone so that they could protect the freedom of the frightened, hungry, homeless and sick people who had themselves to blame for not finding underpaid jobs selling junk produced by barely-paid people.

He married a shiny princess in high-heeled corruption and showered the people with atrocious drug-filled celebrities and sensationally decadent entertainment. Neon-flashing promises poured off his shiny tongue and filled the people with empty hope. They dragged themselves and their anger along the road leading to the eternal night while complaining about their unshiny children, their shabby neighbors and the rusty behavior of everyone else. Behind the complaints could be heard prayers for a lottery blessing and a savior to make their ever after happy.

Now go to sleep children. Tomorrow might be another day.


“Rust is the result of iron’s dark love affair with sweaty oxygen.”
Dartwill Aquila

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  1. Angeline M / Mar 31 2014 11:54 pm

    And I’m sure the children slept and had dreams of chemically sweetened plums all dancing in their heads.

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