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April 10, 2014 / Fantelius

How to Save Humanity – 1

Humanity scrambles toward extinction. Environmental fever grows ever warmer and the factors causing the fever increase as well. Scientists speak of non-linear growth meaning the rate of development increases; it’s getting warmer and warmer faster and faster. The fever will eventually lead to the death of many species. Many have already exited the stage of life.

Most people aware of the consequences of the earth’s fever contend that a portion of humanity will survive. Only hope supports such an assumption. It’s not a question of how many people will survive, but of how many species will survive. As with the mass extinctions of the past, smaller organisms might be able to adapt to a radical change. The larger ones, the major energy consumers such as humans, do not have a chance. We are the dinosaurs of this age.

That’s the sad news. A glimmer of hope can be seen in a crack of the gloom. Unlike the species-weeding dramas of the past, this one is caused by, and can therefore be averted by, humanity. Theoretically!


“Stupidity comes in all shapes and sizes and can fit a pimp, prude, priest, prince or president.”
Dartwill Aquila

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