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April 11, 2014 / Fantelius

How to Save Humanity – 2

We are engaged in a battle for survival. Survival. Life or death; everyone’s life—or death—, your children’s, your grandchildren’s and everyone else down to the last cell of human existence. This is no game. The struggle is in progress and you are part of it. You have no choice.

Every struggle has two conflicting sides. Our present struggle, our war for survival, is no exception even though it includes the entire world and all its species and resources from the heights of the atmosphere to the depths of the oceans. It is as complicated as it can be and it is therefore of decisive importance to understand the two main forces. What is the essence of the struggle? What are the conflicting sides?

Humanity faces no external enemies. Nature, despite the damages it can cause, forms the basis of our existence. We can affect and change the conditions of nature, but we will always be dependent on it. Humanity struggles with an internal conflict. Like a body fighting a disease, humanity must cure the cancer threatening to devour its body or perish.

To be continued…


“Stupidity is neither rust nor rot,
neither disease nor crime,
but its very own creature of decadence.”
Dartwill Aquila

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