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April 14, 2014 / Fantelius

How to Save Humanity – 3

Environmental fever will not kill people. It is a symptom. People don’t die of fever, but of the disease causing the fever.

Instead of a struggle between life and death we could speak of our struggle as one between life and things, life represented by people and things by money. Money is a useful tool to regulate the exchange of things. When, however, money becomes more important than people, it is only a question of time before people are smothered under the weight of things.

We live in a money-oriented world. Even before the use of money, with few exceptions, the desires of wealth and power, rather than the needs of people, determined the course of events. Now, money supercharged by modern technology and with global reach has created an international financial monster capable of apocalyptic destruction.

The cancer of greed has diseased the body of humanity causing conflicts and dysfunction in all aspects of human endeavors. This cancer has developed and is nourished by a money-oriented system of society as predictably as lung-cancer develops in a heavy smoker

To be continued…


“Most of us, particularly the young,
may have received front-row seats
to the final drama of humanity.”
Dartwill Aquila

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