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June 12, 2014 / Fantelius


IsaOverAdam9_8867Throughout the world street entertainers spice the experience of tourists. Years ago troups of entertainers traveled from town to town in wagons loaded with props to amuse people with burlesque theater and supplementary tricks and attactions. Today, mostly single musicians compete in the tough battle to entice a little money from the pockets of pedestrians. I call them microtainers (micro + entertainer).

Here we see Isa and Adam (not their real names) performing an act of illusion. A Disney store forms the backdrop. This store is a tiny piece in the Disney entertainment empire. Isa and Adam are also part of the entertainment industry. The sign above the Disney store costs more than these two microtainers earn together in a year.

A man looks carefully to convince himself that there’s nothing between Isa floating in the air and Adam’s head.

IsaSitsOnAir9_8864This spectacular act of illusion can be considered instant theater. Look at it when you want as long as you want. No beginning or end to make demands on your time. No complicated themes or story. You can see the entire performance in under a minute. Or you can linger a long time amusing yourself (as you try to figure out how it’s down) with the reactions of the people walking by.

Don’t however underestimate the quality of the actors in this show. Particularly Isa. She moves her left hand almost constantly. The majestic, elegant and harmonious slow movements are hypnotical. Her hand is a snake charming the observers. Her finger points to the collection box occassionly, reminding the audience to give something for the amusement and fascination they receive.

Isa9_8866Isa’s look along with her mysterious little smile (a cousin to Mona Lisa’s) gives the illusion its power. She moves her head more slowly than her hand. Her eyes are mostly humble closed. Without warning they open, capture a pair of eyes in the crowd and fire off, from her giga-powerful stare, a 1000-word story before the receiver can blink. The little smile broadens ever so slightly as she recognizes another believer.

Such calm and confidence wrapped with golden hue over obvious strength. Could she have some of Ghengis Kahn’s genes in her biological treasure chest? Sitting in mid air seems to be a piece of cake for her. What else can she do? I asked (telepathically) and she answered (telepathically), ”I can do whatever I want, with whoever I want, whenever I want, however I want, as long as it is what I want. I’m not obligated to do what other people want.”

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