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June 13, 2014 / Fantelius

The Totem of Destiny

Saturated mirrored bark

Saturated mirrored bark


The three-headed Totem of Destiny
is trustworthy and consistent.
If you can talk with the totem
you will learn what you need to know.
The totem says,
”Make me an offer that makes you happy
and doesn’t insult me.”

It pays to talk to the Totem of Destiny.

The three sisters of destiny,
who Shakespeare called the Wirde Systers,
and people called The Wierd Witches,
were the past, the present and the future
as represented by the Nordic Norns
Urd, Verdandi and Skuld.
Urd gathered the fibers of the past
Verdandi weaved the fibers into the thread of life
in the present
Skuld clipped off a length of the thread
sometimes long, sometimes short
no consistincy, just life,
the future is not yet shaped.
”Skuld” also means debt,
what we owe the future.
None of us get too far into the future
but all of us influence the shape of the future.

Unite on life!
What do you need more than life?
All these labels, titles and names that keep people apart:
nations, religions, races, sexes, teams, whatever…
are keeping people divided and weak
are hiding the common ties to life that give strength.
If the Totem of Destiny could say one thing:
”On the road to respect, like and love each other
we must learn from our differences
that our common survival requires a common strategy.
Either we learn to work together to create
a garden of peace and health on the earth
or we will all die out in the rubble of an unsustainable future.

It pays to talk to the Totem of Destiny.

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