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August 19, 2014 / Fantelius

Merited Morons or Herculean Hypocrites?


Are candidates for the international diplomat corps disqualified if they pass an intelligence test? It appears that way, but I’m not buying it. They can’t be as stupid as they seem.

Listen to Carl Bildt, Sweden’s Foreign Minister (with heavy oil investments) and a top gun in the circle of millionaire diplomats, ”We in our circle are clearly and importantly agreed that the blockade of Gaza must be broken, at the same time as the threat of rockets and tunnels against Israel must go.”

This is a variation of Israel’s right to defend itself. That broken wheel doesn’t spin anymore so now we have the threat of rockets and tunnels against Israel.
Stupid? If stupidity were money these people could hire Bill Gates as their errand boy. But let’s face it, no one is that stupid. What about the threat against Gaza from Lockheed Martin F-16I fighter jets, McDonnell Douglas AH-64D Apache helicopters, Sabra M60T tanks, armored transport carriers, drones, battleships, hellfire missiles, satellite surveillance …? This is the world’s 5th most powerful military … opposing rockets and tunnels! Tunnels! You can’t attack with a tunnel. Oh, you say that they can use the tunnels to transport weapons. Isn’t that cute. Not only does Israel receive 100s of millions of $$$$ in military equipment from Uncle Sam every year, one single hellfire missile has more explosive power than all the rockets fired from Gaza together.

Are we supposed to believe that this circle of merited (and millionaire) morons can spot an angry mosquito on the tail of a dragon, but don’t notice the dragon? Believe it if you will. I’m going for Herculean hypocrites.




“Artificial intelligence isn’t so intelligent,
but real stupidity is really stupid.”
Dartwill Aquila


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  1. camelien / Aug 19 2014 3:46 pm

    Am overwhelmingly delighted by your relentlessly brilliant metaphors delivering incomparable wit written without extraneous language while hammering that proverbial nail (of heinous hypocrisy fed us, this time) on its head.’

    “That broken wheel doesn’t spin anymore…” SMACK!!!”

    Am digging too your image used with its irony of the broken blade once used to chew up land seen busted, rusted and now stuck like a statue commemorating a past tragedy left abandoned in an overground meadow. “clunk!” Just ‘testing jesting, of course, hehe 😉
    ‘you know who!’ shhh!

    • Fantelius / Aug 19 2014 6:12 pm

      I like to reply with a humble thanks, but your praise rusts my humble.

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