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August 20, 2014 / Fantelius

Egypt in the Shade of a Pyramid of Money

The illegal and barbaric blockade of Gaza is always described as Israel’s blockade. While this is understandable, how is it possible? Israel only borders half of Gaza, about 51 km. The Mediterranean Sea surfs down along 42 km of Gaza’s coast. Does Israel own the Mediterranean or is FN participating in the blockade? Honestly, I don’t understand this.

Egypt is another story. While they only share an 11 km border with Gaza, the blockade would be completely unblocked without their participation. No Egypt, no blockade. Have you ever heard of the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza? No! Why not? That’s what it is, isn’t it? How come Israel takes all the heat while Egypt gets to drink Bloody Pharaohitas in the shade of the Sphinx?

77.4 million (90%) of Egyptians are Muslims. Why are Muslims taking part in the genocide of Muslims at the hands of the Zionists? They aren’t. Egypt’s 1%, like the 1% everywhere, rule. Like the Pharaohs of old, they decide who pushes stones and who holds the whips. Were it up to the people of Egypt, they’d be pouring into Gaza by the thousands with water, fuel, medicine and food determined to help rebuild the homes, hospitals and schools with their bare hands.

Pointing to Egypt’s role in this crime against humanity reveals the tactics of dividing the people on false grounds of religious/ethnic orientation. It’s not a question of Muslims, Christians, Jews or any other non-political entity. Follow the money, Dorothy, and don’t get distracted by the dance of holy puppets on the strings of the moneyed class.

Israel is the top US ”aid” recipient. (A major chunk of the $3 billion lands in the pockets of the US weapons industry. A single hellfire missile goes for about $50 000.) The next two biggest recipients, getting around $1.5 billion each, are Afghanistan and …tatatataaa… Egypt.

Uncle Sam dishes out $4.5 billion a year to the two countries guarding the Gaza concentration camp. Shouldn’t we be speaking of the American blockade? USA is the country where 1% of the world’s 1%ers sit on a pyramid of money. Modern pharaohs have changed their title and dress, but they still decide who gets to hold the whips.





“Pyramids are graves.
They must have had a colossal fear of life
to build such monuments for death.”
Dartwill Aquila


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  1. camelien / Aug 20 2014 11:43 pm

    You: “Follow the money, Dorothy, and don’t get distracted by the dance of holy puppets on the strings of the moneyed class.”

    So true, wise one; and ironic too because moments ago following a thread at TRNN talking about the horrific police-state causing ‘Ferguson’ chaos said in comment to a ‘shocked’ ‘real news’ listener who responded to someone who gave a def of the ‘f’ word.
    commenter: “Huh, so by your definition, Obama is a Fascist. Interesting.”

    Another responder: “The ones manipulating the puppet strings on the whole works of the supposed reps in all levels of leadership are by default. There’s a fascinating matrix to go with that rhythm spinning out ‘reality’ shows on and off the box.”

    The matrix within your proposed look is quite fascinating, too, speaking of an ‘f’ word. Shhh! But ‘yes Dorothy,’ follow the money …every time.

  2. Fantelius / Aug 20 2014 2:53 pm

    Maybe? But stay tuned! I’ll deal with what we can do while waiting in an upcoming blog.

  3. summitflyer / Aug 20 2014 2:40 pm

    Well said.Egypt is also bought off .I wonder if it will take a world wide currency collapse to bring this world back to some sanity,as money seems to drive corruption everywhere.

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