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August 28, 2014 / Fantelius

Adjusting the Genocide Generator

– There are still some bugs in the program. A little too much and it took too long. The duration between the last time and this one was OK. We might even shorten it somewhat.
– Too much killing? We shouldn’t have killed so many?
– No. Who cares about the Palestinians? If we could have killed even more and got out even quicker, everything would have been fine. It took too long.
– Too long for what?
– Didn’t they teach you anything? Too long in the news.
– What difference does it make how long it’s in the news.
– Are you pretending to be that stupid or are you genuinely dumb. Once it’s off the front pages it’s gone.
– How can it be gone? The dead are dead, the injured injured, the houses, hospitals, and schools are destroyed, the water supply and the energy plants knocked out… done is done.
– If it’s not in the news, it’s not happening and hasn’t happened. The people have a short attention span and other stuff grabs their attention.
– Well, what do we care?
– WE don’t care, but it’s embarrassing for our friends. They have to pretend to care. They have to say things that make it appear as though they care. The longer it takes us, the longer it stays in the news, the more difficult it is for them to explain why they’re not doing anything, and they complain to us.
– And now?
– Now it’s a cease fire, peace, negotiations. Now we can relax and prepare for the next time.
– When will that be?
– We’re not sure. We must analyze the situation. My guess is a couple of years. We’ll drain their strength and weaken them until then.
– Won’t the people claim we’re doing it again?
– No. They don’t remember what happened last week, how are they going to remember what happened a couple of years ago. Did they make any mention this time about the last bombing campaign?
– A little.
– Big deal! We’ve been doing this for over 60 years and will soon be finished. The whole country will be ours.
– And then?
– And then we really get started. There’s a whole world waiting for us.




“The future is picking up speed
and she’s learning new tricks along the way.”
Dartwill Aquila

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