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October 16, 2014 / Fantelius

6W – War Without Weapons for a World Without War


War is a great and complicated enterprise that includes economic, political, military, cultural, ideological, psychological and diplomatic components connected and coordinated with communications and logistics. Soldiers, for instance, must be recruited, trained, clothed, fed, housed, equipped, transported, organized, commanded and paid. Soldiers spend a tiny percentage of their military lives fighting, that is to say, in armed conflict. When war is considered in its entirety, the military aspect, the armed conflict part of the whole, accounts for a minor portion.
Captain Kate

Conducting war without a military, without weapons and violence, streamlines and rationalizes the enterprise of conflict. It becomes less expensive, more flexible and unlocks the power of creativity giving it a strategic potential far greater than conventional warfare.

I’ve already discussed the ”water weapon”, see
A Wet Dream Storm – Your Chance

Yesterday, I alluded to the potential of trusting love as a method of defusing fashion:
Great Revolutionaries Rang the Bell of Love

A key strategy of 6W aims at damaging the culture of consumerism. This culture fuels the economic strength of the 1%. This ”fuel” also plays a dominant role in global warming. Bottled water (including the sugared, colored, flavored and chemicalized kind) and fashion are two major UNNECESSARY consumer industries. Fashion magazines alone have been shock-and-awing forests for decades. The color on their pages alone represent mega-tons of physical substances and wasted energy.

The junk-food chains damage health, destroy the soil, torture animals, contaminate the atmosphere and capitalize on underpaid workers. Eating at a fast-food chain should be as sacrilegious as tearing a page out of a Bible to wipe your ass in a church toilet.

Paying for a mainstream media publication (paper or digital) gives money to corporate commanders so that they can glorifying their world to you and guide you into the arms of commercial advertisers.

Many targets of unnecessary consumption can be attacked in the struggle against the prevailing (money/consumer oriented) order, but be aware that this order is powerfully entrenched in our culture. I offer one example.

The cosmetic and personal hygiene industry is bloated with unnecessary and harmful products and ingredients. Underarm deodorant, for example, causes more odor than it eliminates and can have serious health hazards to the body, particularly to shaved (microscopically torn) underarms. Such is the power of persuasion however that most people won’t even attempt to prove this to themselves. Using deodorant under one arm for a week or so and comparing the scent under the respective sides of clothes should convince anyone of the foolishness of using chemicals to inhibit the body’s breathing metabolism. Who convinced you, Dorothy, that (relatively clean) humans smell bad to humans?

Humanity wants you to go to war without weapons for a world without war. Join the battle against unnecessary and environmentally harmful consumption.


“Sick souls need beauty, not medicine
justice, not aid
love, not surgery.”
Dartwill Aquila




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