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October 17, 2014 / Fantelius

The Devil’s Circus of Distraction

The UK intends to and Sweden will recognize the state of Palestine.
Let trumpets sound fanfares and drums roll like thunder. The circus can begin. Bring on the media clowns and commentator jugglers. Watch the pundits swing on the trapeze and expert elephants stand on their hind legs and blow loud prophesies. A good time shall be had by all and the public shall feel as though something has happened.

It hasn’t!
It’s a great show, an extravagant circus to
1. make the public feel good
2. wash the stains of hypocrisy from the government
3. help Israel
4. distract from reality.

The people in general including those in the folds of the NAE (North Atlantic Empire) were disappointed and outraged at the lame reaction of their government to Israel’s murderous barbarity against the people of Gaza. The media smoke screen of ”disproportionate response” couldn’t hide the horror or stop the sight of innocent blood flowing from under the rubble of homes, schools and hospitals.

Claiming to recognize or planning to recognize Palestine sent a message to the people that the government was doing something for the Palestinian people. By giving a bandage to a mutilated victim they hope to erase the stigma of hypocrisy and the shame of their passivity in the face of butchery.

We can ask ourselves, where is this state of Palestine to be recognized? Sweden’s Prime Minister claims that “the conflict between Israel and Palestine can only be solved with a two-state solution” as though it were a law of nature, when, in fact, this ”only” solution died years ago due to Isael’s continued expansion by annexation of Palestinian territory. He also claimed that this solution should be “negotiated in accordance with international law.” He seems not only blind to Israel’s obvious aversion to negotiate solutions, but glaringly ignorant of Israel’s flagrant disregard for international law. His seemingly progressive position of recognizing Palestine, absolves Israel of the crimes they have committed and hides the aggressive nature of their politics. The recognition of a non-existent Palestine state helps the Israeli criminals more than the Palestinians.

UK’s spokesman, Tobias Ellwood (parliamentary under-secretary of state for foreign and commonwealth affairs) is more candid in his treachery, “It is crucial that the Palestinian Authority return to Gaza to provide services and security.”
With what right does a British politician tell the people of Gaza who is to govern them. The people democratically elected Hamas and clearly rejected the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinians in general, including those on the West Bank, regard the Palestinian Authority as the choice of the Israelis.

Should there be any doubt about the position of T. Ellwood, the following statement should obliterate that doubt. “The Palestinians must also take steps to address Israel’s legitimate security concerns.” That’s the equivalent of asking a woman to take steps to insure that an eventual rapist doesn’t get scratched.

This covers the first three reasons for a recognition of Palestine. The fourth is the most important. These declarations grabbed all the news and left no room for the findings of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. The Russell Tribunal has a rock solid repuation for integrity, impartiality, expertise, accuracy and justice. Several of the witnesses, for example, were Israelis, both journalists and soldiers. The Tribunal was categorically certain in its findings that Israel was guilty of “war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of murder, extermination and persecution and also incitement to genocide.”
See David Sheen’s testimony

That’s what the recognitions were all about: burying the findings of the Russell Tribunal. Sweden and the UK, in other words, recognized Palestine to protect Israel. It was quite an accomplishment. It took a whole circus to pull it off.


“If you don’t want them to find it,
don’t look for a good hiding place,
make sure they don’t go looking for it.”
Dartwill Aquila





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