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October 29, 2014 / Fantelius

Rape, Rape! Surprise, Surprise!

In the latest in a series of reports about the extent and increase of rape, the prestigeous MIT finds that 17% of its student have been raped. The president of the school is ”disturbed” and, like the rest of the staff, surprised.

I’m surprised that they’re surprised. They live in a country that rapes
the environment, justice, equality, truth, health, compassion, security, privacy, honor and any country or people who do not follow its dictates.
Rape can be described as the American way of life.
Judging by MIT’s surprised reaction, it even rapes the quality of knowledge.


“The conservatives want rapists to wear condoms.
The democrats want rapists to provide a choice of positions.”
Dartwill Aquila





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  1. sayedhusaini / Oct 30 2014 5:22 pm

    Though with a little ‘real’ research they can find the root cause, yet they are utterly scared to do that, because it will implicate and blatently expose the prevailing misdirectional political, economic, and valternative system.

    • Fantelius / Oct 30 2014 5:40 pm

      Can it be that the “they” that can find are the “they” that will be exposed?

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