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January 1, 2015 / Fantelius

New Year Wishes

I wish you the copper light of dusk flowing on a calm river.
I wish you the golden blush of dawn on glorious days.
I wish you motivation to embrace a passion for accomplishment.
I wish you nourishing knowledge and rewards of discovery.
I wish you advice from the depth of your possibilities.
I wish you visions of splendor in pieces of daily life.
I wish you rhythms of harmony dancing in your soul.
I wish you humility in the face of the beauty you will encounter.
I wish you hear the songs of your heart praising who you are.
I wish you a path of smiles leading to who you can be.
I wish you security knowing you’re part of the family of humanity.
I wish you health, prosperity, joy, love and friendship,
my friend.


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  1. camelien / Jan 2 2015 10:33 am

    Ditto X 12 re wishes above, ‘Fantelius;’ may the light of perpetual love continue to shine upon your grace in the coming year and always. Am looking forward to witnessing more of your awesomely honest posts as the new ‘daze’ unfold(s). Be well, friend. Happy New Year!

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