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January 4, 2015 / Fantelius

How to Hide an Empire

To hide an empire you must pretend it doesn’t exist. Call it a democracy, a freedom-loving country, an exceptional nation or even a superpower, but the word empire most not be used, it’s off-limits, verboten. You can say that it makes mistakes and has imperfections, and talk as much as you like about faults of the system, but never ever claim that the injustices, hypocrisies, extreme inequality, corruption, lies, crimes, poverty, homelessness, murders, imprisonments, rapes, tortures, military adventures and wars are part of the nature of the empire itself. Wrong doings are described as unfortunate or unavoidable accidents. Transgressions from rules and laws are explained as exceptions.

The voice of a modern empire comes across as a free press. The empire’s corporate controlled media, although an open secret, hides behind an army of journalists wearing badges, medals, fancy titles and celebrity status supposedly producing independent news and objective commentaries. Films, TV series, magazines and games never stop pounding home the impression that this is the home of the good guys. Good guys don’t work for an empire.

To strengthen this illusion all enemies of the empire are depicted as evil, bad, dictatorial, terroristic, horrible, goony, whatever. Any country that doesn’t follow the dictates of the empire is said to be ruled by a monster and its people eligible to be bombed into salvation. Countries either submit to the leadership of the empire or suffer the consequences. The aggressions, invasions, occupations, provocations, sanctions, infiltrations and surveillance by the empire are conducted in the name of defense, for security and to promote freedom and democracy, never to take resources and consolidate power.

Besides pretending that the empire doesn’t exist and painting all opposition in dark threatening colors, the citizens must be kept ignorant about the essence of empires. They should, at the most, have a superficial idea about an empire as something large and powerful. Without knowing what constitutes an empire, they could look one squarely in the face and not see it.

How often have you heard the phrase, an evil empire? A redundant concept. There is no such thing as a non-evil empire. Empires are vast political entities obsessed with growing in wealth and power by subjugating everything and anyone it can. Neither people, nature or life itself has any value unless it can add to the treasures of the rulers, enhance their strength and maintain their control.

USA maintains over 700 military bases in 121 countries throughout the world. That alone illustrates indisputably the empirical nature of the USA. Who elected Uncle Sam sheriff of the world? In every single country housing a USA-base crimes have regularly been committed against the local population by the empire goons: assault, theft, rape, manslaughter and murder. Exceptionally, the perpetrator is brought to trial. Exceptionally. Sam’s goons are not subject to local laws.

Sam also regularly bombs and destroys, maims and kills babies, boys, brides, bakers and grannies in sovereign countries, in total disregard of international law, with total immunity. What besides an empire could act in such a despicable manner?

Who but an empire could get away with being the only nation to vote against a United Nations Human Rights Council to establish an inquiry into the war crimes committed in Gaza as the USA did in July last year. Could you conceive of any other country being against 132, 131 or 135 other countries as USA was on three occasions against a UN General Assembly resolution declaring that “education, work, health care, proper nourishment, national development are human rights.” Time and again the USA has shown total disregard for the will of the UN General Assembly and used its veto against the Security Council. Could anything less than an empire pull this off? Of course not.

A thick book, and there are several, could expand on this theme, but on this simple blog it suffices to state the obvious. The USA is an empire and empires are evil. They cannot be influenced with reason or appeals. Voting for a chief administrator among the emperors (the 1%) is ridiculous. Believing any information from the empire is insanity. Turning your back on the empire, as the first raw Christians did, makes a lot of sense. Whatever you do or don’t do, refusing to see the empire will weaken your ability to act rationally. One more thing, the majority of the people of the world is fully aware of the empirical nature of the USA. You won’t be alone.



“If the Blacks and their White supporters and sympathizers
would stop drinking sodas in favor of water
they would have the Pepsi and Coke corporations
fighting the cops for them.”
Dartwill Aquila




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  1. camelien / Jan 4 2015 10:21 am

    Have few words beyond “thank you” for your humanity, honesty & dedication stating the truth and exposure of facts, re the global ‘basis’ (read ‘bases;’ pun intended) for our consternation re “Empire.” Heinous atrocities are carried out (droned even) in the name of “security” or “freedom & democracy,” while in reality, Empire refuses to acknowledge their “crimes [that] have been committed against the local population by the empire goons: assault, theft, rape, manslaughter and murder.” Certainly not the “good guys,” yes? Write on, blog-mate!

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