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March 23, 2015 / Fantelius

The Bureau of Corporate Affairs – Again

I posted this article 3 days ago. The next day, by coincidence, ICH published a two-month old article by Robert Parry where he said, ”The Boehner-Netanyahu arrangement demonstrates a mutual contempt for this President’s authority to conduct American foreign policy as prescribed by the U.S. Constitution.”

Parry describes a break in the rules of government and a crime against the law of the Constitution as ”contempt”. And, like the rest of the silent chorus of his peers, makes no attempt to question why this was permitted.

Instead of releasing the flood of profanities pounding against the dam of my sensibilities, I reprint the article.

The USA, a Country Without a Government

The government of the USA has become the Bureau of Corporate Affairs. A government, it is not.

When a senator, elected by a single state (Ohio), is allowed to make presidential (national) decisions in opposition to the president, there can be no talk of a functioning government. The president, through the Department of State (DoS), is responsible for international relations, particularly those between heads of state. The chief of the DoS is directly under the president. A senator making foreign relations decisions over the head of the president is like claiming that a pair of tens beats two kings in a poker game. It is formally illegal, and technically treason if the senator’s actions can be shown to ”help a foreign government … seriously injure the USA”, according to Oran’s Dictionary of the Law.

The letter of the 47 senators to Iran also seriously injures the USA and should be considered treason. Having a dual citizenship, as 42 American-Israeli members of the US Congress have, is another idiocy of any government claiming to represent its own people. The idiocy should be multiplied by moronic if the other citizenship is in an apartheid regime. Government is also just a parody if a member of the government is permitted to have private correspondence in an official capacity. Any government where almost every official achieves office by support of private/corporate money is a sham. Governments where bribery is legal (lobbying) differs insignificantly from a brothel.

The charade of government practiced in the USA wouldn’t be possible if the corporate media, aka mass media, mainstream media (msm) or the Ministry of Propaganda, didn’t control communications to the citizens. 99% of the communications in the case of a recent visit and speech, for example, spotlighted Netanyahu while barely a mention of the break in the rules of government crept out of the shadows.

The citizens were told time and again that Netanyahu insulted the president. He didn’t. The senator who invited him insulted the president. No discussion at all dealt with why the president/DoS had permitted this. They had the authority and the power to delete the invitation, reprimand the senator and tell Netanyahu in the politest diplomatic jargon to fuck off. Nor was there a hint in the corporate media that the whole affair demonstrated a lack of government.

It’s time for Americans to formalize their status by declaring a Declaration of Dependence to the Bureau of Corporate Affairs.



“Steel and stone are powerless against truth and love.”
Dartwill Aquila




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