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March 24, 2015 / Fantelius

House of Consciousness, Soul Territory

Moa Martinsson, Swedish writer and working women’s hero. 1890-1964

Moa Martinsson, Swedish writer and working women’s hero. 1890-1964

”Why can’t the world’s greatest minds solve the mystery of consciousness?”
(Oliver Burkeman, the Guardian – Jan 21, 2015)

I feel like the Wright brothers would have felt if they had heard someone at the aviation college not so very far from their workshop ask, ”Why can’t the world’s leading engineers solve the mystery of flight?”

I’ve solved the mystery of consciousness. It’s language, human language.

It’s that simple, but requires a bit of explanation.

1. Human language is not a signal system employed by animals. A language is to a signal system what a helicopter is to a humming bird, or an elephant’s trunk is to a squirrel’s nose, or a book is to dog’s urine markings, or a diamond ring to a lump of coal, or a computer to an abacus, or …. You get the point.

Despite some of ”the world’s greatest minds” referring to the signal systems of animals as languages, nothing in the animal kingdom comes anywhere near the communicative capacity of human language. Only humans possess a language. Only humans can talk about what they will do tomorrow based on what happened yesterday. Only humans can discuss their sex life, or lack of one, with a friend. Only humans can speak of everything without saying anything … and post it on a blog.

2. Language is a product of thought. Thought generates language and language in turn reflects thoughts, feelings, reality and imagination. Once a thought has produced a linguistic symbol, that (language) symbol can be manipulated mentally, and we can think visually, consciously. We think in any case. Even animals thinks. Without language however we cannot access our thoughts. Thinking produces language, language influences thought. Language awards us membership into the club of thoughts, the territory of the soul, the house of consciousness, the society of the ego and the board of the super-ego. Language is a mental tool with which we can inspect, alter and arrange thoughts that can influence thought.

Thoughts occur with or without language, but without language the door to consciousness remains shut.

3. Consciousness didn’t simply drop into the mind somewhere along the trail of evolution. It evolved together with the evolution of language. We can be rather certain that when Homo sapiens arrived in the world nearly 200,000 years ago the soul of humanity was already stretching to heaven and everyone was conscious of it.

BTW: You’re reading System Humanity, the blog that regularly affords insights that ”the world’s greatest minds” can’t see.



“Great minds often lose sight of a simple solution.”
Dartwill Aquila




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