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April 1, 2015 / Fantelius

Pornography Guidance

Guidance Counselor Mary-Lou Lagecci of East Stranton High School in Allenstown, Pennsylvania has been reprimanded by the School Board of Allenstown for refusing to help Patricia Logenfield inquiring about a career in pornography.

Patricia and her parents complained to school officials through their lawyer, Mr. Dosin, who explain that counselors give council, they don’t prescribe judgment. Patricia was seeking a career in a legitimate profession. It was not Ms. Lagecci’s role to praise or condemn career choices, but to explain the available paths to achieving the desired occupation.

Donald Logenfield, Patricia’s father, was not tolerant of Ms. Lagecci’s attempt to steer his daughter toward jobs with doubtful employment possibilities or those with poor pay. His daughter was encouraged to avoid good chances for well-paid employment.

The School Board agreed with the Logfields that any requests to achieve a place in the labor market with good earning prospects should be supported. ”Our job is not to produce unemployment,” said School Director Cartland.



“Judging by the amount of corrupt officials,
corruption must be a major course at many colleges.”
Dartwill Aquila




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