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April 2, 2015 / Fantelius

Forget the Holocaust!

Circumstances tell us that awareness of the Holocaust is dangerous. The people who are most knowledgeable and concerned about this horrific industrial murder based on religious ethnicity belong to the most genocidal people in the world. They persistently shout about a need to learn from the Holocaust but demonstrate that they have learned nothing. Why should we bother?

Fuck the Holocaust. Let’s deal with today’s crimes, horrors and atrocities. History holds more than many examples of massive and deadly crimes. These examples haven’t prevented the mass murders and atrocities of today or stopped those in process. History is at best a tool with which we can find clues to help solve the problems of the day. Aside from that, properly presented, history makes for a good read.

We can also witness that the country with the most (14) Holocaust museums, films, books, reports, TV-programs and coverage of the Holocaust in general, has killed and is killing more people than any other country in the world.

Forget the Holocaust! Awareness of it appears to have a negative influence on people.

In many countries, it’s a crime to deny or even question the official version of the Holocaust. Belief, in this case, constitutes a crime. Anyone claiming to believe that the Holocaust didn’t actually occur, or occurred on a much smaller scale than official figures claim, is considered worthy of a prison cell.
It’s not a crime to believe that the world is flat, or that evolution is a false theory, or to deny that human endeavors have produced climate change. Personally, I BELIEVE that denying evolution has potentially greater harmful consequences for humanity than denying the Holocaust.

Forget the Holocaust. Next time someone brings it up, unlock the safety on your (verbal) weapon and take aim.


(Yesterday’s post was an April fool story.)


“Good questions teach.”
Dartwill Aquila




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