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April 6, 2015 / Fantelius

Serious & Glorious

History is definitely pregnant and humanity may not be part of the new world.

Call it the end game, the Apocalypse, Ragnarok or simply the struggle for survival. The battle is in progress. We, the people, either change the trajectory of developments or go extinct. We will die out unless we stop and bring down the prevailing world order and build one dedicated to the welfare of people in harmony with nature. We will die out. Every last one of us. Every last example of Homo sapiens. In ten thousand years not a trace of humans or the structures they built will be seen on the surface of the earth.

The ignorance, blindness or reluctance to see this obvious conclusion to the present course of events enhances the chances that it will occur. Extinction cannot be avoided by denying its possibility. Many people try to brush aside the dangers we face by sneering at the prospects and the messengers who sound the alarms. Doom-and-gloom they call the apocalyptic scenario, proud of the catchy phrase they use to belittle the arguments of impending world chaos and historical destruction.

Doom-and-gloom is already the reality of daily life for 100s of millions of people today. Doom-and-gloom is for the rulers of the present order and the cowards who cling to established norms and traditional structures. For those of us who refuse to accept business as usual; who rage at the forces of greed; who are disgusted by the indifference to the lives of ordinary people; who are humiliated by the widespread hypocrisy, corruption and injustice; who hear the call of another world, a nobler existence, it’s not a question of gloom-and-doom, but of serious-and-glorious. This is the battle that must be fought. This is the battle for truth, beauty, justice, mercy and love. And survival.

The battle is in progress. It will be fought with or without you. It will, however, not be won without you.

Give me your hand. Let’s unite our souls. Let’s go!



“There’s a greater possibility of stopping bullets with words
than of stopping words with bullets.”
Dartwill Aquila





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  1. Fantelius / Apr 6 2015 11:31 am

    I’m thankful to have join hands with you.

  2. camelien / Apr 6 2015 11:23 am

    I have your metaphorical hand; your words honestly express what is really happening. Stirring my soul am compelled to comment in agreement and unification. The world must listen, unite, and hold hands in lieu of lethal arms. Write on!

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