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April 7, 2015 / Fantelius

The Biggest Picture

This picture and several others can be purchased i different forms from Society6

This picture and several others can be purchased in different forms from Society6

We’ve all read accounts of how we have arrived at the present state of affairs. Some trace the sources that have formed the prevailing conditions to recent events. The bombing of the skyscrapers in NYC is a popular kickoff point. Some go back to the followup after W.W.II or as far back as the birth of capitalism, whenever that was.

Shakespeare speaks of the arrogance of wealth and position, oppression, bureaucracy, corruption, injustice and bribery through the mouth of Hamlet in the famous ”To Be Or Not To Be” soliloquy. He could be speaking of our times.

The ancient Greeks spoke of how laws were like spider webs catching small insects where the big ones flew right threw them. They were, of course, speaking of those too big to fail or jail.

The Biggest Picture
These times conclude a process that began over 10 thousand years ago when we broke away from the hunter-gatherer system of existence to begin an agricultural way of life. We broke away from the social structure that had evolved our brains during more than a million years and was consolidated during the first 200,000 years of Homo sapiens tribal life. We started to live as individuals with private property, but still carried a social brain geared to (tribal) communal living. We still carry this communal brain.

We recently broke away from the agricultural way of life and now live in civilian society where each individual produces as part of a global machinery. With our new social structure and the power of electricity and electronic technology we increase our influence on the earth and each other immeasurably.

Ten thousands years of private property and hierarchal social life has formed deep patterns of thought wrapped in strong cultural traditions. Our biology however is still geared to community life. We can’t change our biology to conform to the society of the prevailing order. We can however change society to conform to our biology.

Survival demands that we trust the biology of our minds and adapt to the new tribe of the global village. The clan of humanity is the only force that can stop the disastrous course of development we travel, and start turning the earth into a garden of peace, health and smiles.



“It can be proven
mathematically, biologically, religiously and historically
that we all belong to the same family.
But until it is felt, nothing is proven.”
Dartwill Aquila




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