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May 8, 2015 / Fantelius

Legal Lying Prostitutes

Quote by Dartwill Aquila

Quote by Dartwill Aquila

Any source dealing with American presidential candidates plays a part in the great scam of democracy. The candidates, including the winner, are of no significance for the politics of the nation (empire). Decisions are made in boardrooms and the informal meetings of financial giants, not in government offices. Yet even publications wearing a progressive face bark at dealings of the candidates as though the formalities of government had significance. It doesn’t.

Every congressperson was bought and paid for before they were elected to office. They couldn’t have been elected without the financial backing of big money movers. The backers expect to be compensated for their support. Once in office the lobbybribing begins immediately. Officials weigh political strength and economic gain on scales held forth by lobbyists. The government is owned by corporations. Bribery and corruption are legal. Why should anyone care who wins the game to administrate of the demands of the 1%?

For the rulers, we are troublesome and useful, for us, they are insignificant and powerful. We need not concern ourselves, should not concern ourselves, with the political pageantry high-stepping across the media playing field to divert attention from the powers steering the empire. We know that the politicians are lying prostitutes.* They tell us what power wants us to hear. Ignore them! Don’t listen, watch or read their “news”. It’s guaranteed to keep you distracted and ignorant.

Whatever happened to a dream of a peaceful world. Conflicts spread and intensify everywhere. Violence erupts and refugees pour into any place accessible. Fear snakes its way through the community. The puppets dance and wiggle their limbs and speak to us with words written by “professionals”.

Any source dealing with American presidential candidates proclaims ignorance of political realities, or are working for the commanders of the realities.

*(Not to be confused with honest prostitutes who don’t pretend to be what they are not.)





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