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May 11, 2015 / Fantelius

False and Real Choices

text by Dartwill Aquila

text by Dartwill Aquila

The politicians are for sale. Everyone knows that. Feel free to call bribery lobbying if it makes you comfortable. If you have any doubts that politicians dance to the tune of economic power, stop reading this post. You’re not going to understand it anyway.

Russell Brand is one of my favorite people and comedians. I agree with almost everything he stands for. I don’t agree with him however taking a position on the British elections. He claimed the other choice is horrible, therefore we should vote for people we neither like or trust. Thanks, but unsubscribe me from that list. I’m not voting for people who I neither like or trust because the alternative is worse.

This line of reasoning where we are encouraged to vote for the lesser of two evils pops up in all the elections in all countries claiming to be democracies. It is played over and over again by different pundits. It’s a broken loop. Russell was referring to the British elections. W.J. Astore of The Contrary Perspective sings the same tune, “Republican Presidental Candidates Are Scaring Me”, for the American elections.

I’ve named Russell and Astore because these two people give the impression that they understand what’s going on and are highly critical of the prevailing order. Despite their awareness they prove themselves clueless about the structure of power and who does or doesn’t do what.

There is no alternative between the parties. The elections are a political circus to decide who gets to take the bribes of power. We’re not needed in that parade. Power is going to choose its administrators one way or the other. They need us to give the impression that we have some choice. We don’t.

This is illustrated in the Obama – McCain election. The public was so sick of Bush and his neocons that a dead cat could have won an election against the Republicans. Despite Obama’s explict promises, his politics have been a continuation of Bush in all aspects. Obama can charm and charm but can’t hide the fact that he not only does Bush, but exceeds him in many departments. How about the amount of unarmed black men killed by police under Bush as compared to Obama’s watch? What’s that all about? Under the same watch black people have been thrown into prisons as never before. Obama’s attack on Russia and threat of nuclear war seems to be following the neocon playbook. There is no election alternative.

BTW, if more black people were killed and imprisoned under Obama’s presidency, I’d suggest the ladies buy bulletproof bras and leggings if a woman grabs the presidency.

It’s not about race, religion or feminism. These are tools of the rulers to keep the people divided. It is, as always, a question of power and money. The last thing the rulers want is to face a united people. Keeping the races apart and antagonistic to one another serves the interests of the people in power.

Keeping the races apart and antagonistic is also good for business. If one group can be suppressed, it holds down salaries for everyone. A united action by all people—regardless of race or culture—could cause considerable damage if directed against specific businesses.

A people striving to unite have no interest in office gossip among power’s administrators. A united people don’t ask for a change, they decide what changes are needed and work on implementing them.

The people either get it together or go under. That’s our only choice. We either do or die.





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