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May 12, 2015 / Fantelius

Same Old Politics, New Managers

Obama followed Bush, continued his politics and intensified them. It’s not a question of who was better or worse. It’s the same politics, different managers, business as usual. The puppets behind the pulpits have no say in forming the politics of the nation/empire. They dance to financial strings. We often don’t see who is holding the strings but the flow of money indicates that the wealthiest people, who keep getting wealthier, have fingers in the game.

We should seriously consider the presidential elections in the USA, along with similar elections in most other countries, as a show. Seriously. It is entertainment where the whole nation plays the cast in a reality TV contest to determine how many are willing to take part in the election circus? It will have zero effect on actual politics.

As the American Empire weakens, conditions and politics will continue to get worse. Typical for an empire in decline. This puts pressure on everyone. Without unity among the people, they will suffer this pressure individually. That will be very hard to carry, and, at times, too heavy. United the people can determine the direction of the pressure as well as win confidence about what united strength can accomplish.



“You are forced to live life.
You have the choice of how.”
Dartwill Aquila




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