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May 15, 2015 / Fantelius

Holy Democrat

Text by Dartwill Aquila

Text by Dartwill Aquila

No matter who you vote for you vote for the prevailing order. The prevailing order is and has been killing, maiming, destroying, stealing, torturing, lying, impoverishing, imprisoning and exploiting for decades. Millions of people have been murdered by the politics of the prevailing order. It doesn’t change with elections. Voting nourishes the prevailing order. Electing not to vote denies the legitimacy of the prevailing order. We want a better order, one that will benefit everyone.

Humanity can unite on its humanity. They share an enormous treasure of humanity. Humanity strives for the health of humans. Humans strive for the health of humanity.

What do we humans want? We want peace, friendship, love, work, shelter, clothing, electricity, clean water, fresh air, nourishing food, personal security, communications, kisses, play/games, entertainment, dependability, honesty, education, justice, beauty, laughter, respect, recognition and truth. This is what the great majority of humans want. Isn’t it?





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