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May 19, 2015 / Fantelius

NAW and a No-Fly World

Picture text by Dartwill Aquila

Picture text by Dartwill Aquila

I read about group protesting drones. Why protest against drones and not apache helicopters loaded with hellfire missiles and equipped with 50mm rapid-fire computer-aimed cannons? What about the “standard” bomber? Is its payload any less destructive and murderous than any other airborne weapon? The way to peace can start by making the world a no-fly zone, no weapons from the sky. This may appear to be an impossible goal. How are we going to stop the international (USA) war machine with our meager resources?

We have the resources, valuable resources with energy and intelligence. We have people. The great majority of the people want peace, agree with NAW and approve of a no-fly world. This genuine desire among the people can be channeled into a decisive force. The energy of a united people cannot be measured and is not easily resisted. Trust the people. Give them your support. Help them unite. We want peace and we aim to get it. I don’t know how—yet—but I trust that the more people who support this goal of a world without airborne weapons can come up with many doable ideas. Trust the people, trust yourself, our most valuable resource.

NAW – No Airborne Weapons





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