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May 27, 2015 / Fantelius

Love, Happiness and Grandmas

Grandma and granddaughter. If Mona-Lisa had a mysterious smile, this grandma is no mystery at all. No one can deny her happiness. This is a universal picture. Change the race, change the culture, change the religion, change the circumstances, the love and happiness between grandma and grandchild is known to every grandma on the planet.

If you harm anyone of these people, you are harming love and happiness. Should they be killed, love and happiness will die. Who is responsible for killing love and happiness and trying to wash the blood stains away with “collateral damage”? Hundreds of thousands carriers of love and happiness have been killed. 100s of 1000s at the least. Is this what collateral damage does? Mass murder love and happiness?

The collateral damagers decided that grandmas and such are expendable to get at suspected terrorists. With what right do they get to choose who to kill, along with anyone nearby? International laws and treaties do not allow it. Who told them that it’s OK to kill 6 innocent people to kill one person they label a bad guy. He’s had no trial, no defense, no rights, nothing to say in the matter.

We don’t need laws, rules and standards to know what is right and wrong.

Suicide bombers and drones do the same thing. Suicide bombers use themselves whereas drones use hellfire missiles. Is the slaughter of love and happiness tolerable if done by state-of-the-art weaponry?

In the world I come from love and happiness cannot be trumped. You can’t kill them because … because there is no because. You can’t kill them. Do you need help understanding that? Thou shall not kill grandmas, grandchildren, love and happiness! Do I need to write that in stone?



“What’s it called when poor young people kill and die for rich corporate captains?
Business as usual.”
Dartwill Aquila




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