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May 28, 2015 / Fantelius

Behind Bars, Wires and the Times

“The United States has the largest prison population in the world, and the second-highest* per-capita incarceration rate with 707 persons incarcerated per 100,000 population.” Wikipedia

Many private prisons run on profit where the inmates are worked as slaves. Ain’t no pretty word for it. Slavery! Work-or-get-beaten slavery. As the prisons make a profit from the products produced by the prisoner slaves, they are constantly in need of new prisoners. The prison board regards the bribes to the police, judges and lawmakers to get more prisoners, as the price of slaves. Since the start of the private (corporate) prisons the prison population has exploded as has the growth of prison facilities. And jobs. Those who lack sadistic tendencies need not apply.

“there are more African American men incarcerated in the U.S. than the total prison populations in India, Argentina, Canada, Lebanon, Japan, Germany, Finland, Israel and England combined. There are only 19 million African American males in the United States, collectively these countries represent over 1.6 billion people.”[80] Antonio Moore

*Seychelles is first with 786 prisoners out of a population of 90,024.



“Don’t ask expensive questions if you can’t afford the answers.”
Dartwill Aquila




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