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June 26, 2015 / Fantelius

The Eyes of the Peacock

Detail of peacock feather with extra eyes

Detail of peacock feather with extra eyes


A peacock has many eyes that cannot see.
They’re designed to be seen.
Like the media,
much communication, little information,
to control what we see
and think
and say
and do
and don’t do.
The Do deals with buying.
The Don’t Do is about obedience.




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  1. camelien / Jun 26 2015 12:38 pm

    Agreed! The truth is readily found “hidden in plain sight,” yes? Older folk remember an originating ‘mainstream tv network’ had been using the Peacock as it’s symbol since the advent of colorized tv; elder viewers will remember seeing the unfolded colorful feathers during the couple of seconds image of (later animated) colorful Peacock used as a ‘station break’ representing that national broadcasting corporation at the forefront of the medium changing b/w images to color.

    Btw, haha, a peacock looks pretty; but, have you ever heard one ‘squawk?’ It’s an irritating screeching sound; Once lived near a park zoo housing several of the pretty birds; what a racket! Shhh!

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