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July 1, 2015 / Fantelius

Modern Slaves

3Ties4_2984Slaves are not free, not for the slaves, and not for the slave owner either. The slaves need to be housed and fed even in the simplest manner. They must be equipped, managed and controlled. Not to mention the cost of purchasing the slave. Slaves are not free and it costs to keep them that way.

Even in ancient Greece and Rome expeditions of conquest were necessary to keep the supply of slaves flowing to replace those who were worked to death and thrown into a hole of history.

Classic slavery is still practiced today, particularly in private prisons in the USA and in trafficking. Mainstream slavery isn’t called slavery. It’s called work. The slaves supply their own food, shelter, transportation and everything else. They are “free” as long as they show up and slave away at a job for insulting wages that doesn’t cover the cost of food, shelter and other necessities.

Thousands of years of social development have provided the slave the right to decide where to sleep and how to arrange life so that it can keep slaving away at the job. The slave owners have made tremendous advancement. The slaves come voluntarily at no cost and the slave owners don’t have to worry about what happens to them before they get to work and after they leave.

What the slave masters pay the slaves is less than if they had to buy them and take care of them.

This is called progress.



“The world is big.
Very big.
So stand up tall.
There, you see,
it fits perfectly.”

Dartwill Aquila




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