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July 20, 2015 / Fantelius

Begging Rapists to Wear Condoms

Nils Stanton’s article in The Contrary Perspective (July 14) exposes USA’s aggressive military expansion and provocations while debunking the myth of the threat from Russia or China. The title however exposes Nils’ dangerously gullible view of American politics: “President Obama: Please Stop the Race to War.”

This habit of appealing to the administrators of imperial power characterizes a major portion of “progressive” commentators. Call it the Speaking-Truth-to-Power Syndrome. The prevalence of this syndrome flies high and wide despite lacking wings. Can anyone point to a single incidence where the powerful listen to or care about truths that interfere with their attempts to maintain and increase their power and wealth?

This gullibility paints a false picture of the enemy. The people struggling for peace, truth and justice have enough difficulties opposing the massive machinery of oppression and aggression, not to mention indoctrination, without wasting energy on impotent projects.

Promoting the impression that the owners of the empire can be influenced by pretty pleas (sic) drains the strength of resistance. It’s equivalent of begging the rapist to wear a condom.



“Appealing to the heartless to show compassion
is like appealing to the fox to become a vegetarian.”
Dartwill Aquila




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