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November 25, 2015 / Fantelius

Hemorrhoid Hollande and Christless Christianity

When President F. Hollande’s popularity ratings reached a low of 13% my French friend told me, “He’ll soon be as popular as hemorrhoids.” After the Paris attack on 13/11 his ratings shot up to 40% harvesting sympathy from minions and marquis.

Hollande hasn’t changed since he was nearly as popular as hemorrhoids because 100+ citizens have been slaughtered. He still represents a country that is the fourth largest weapons peddler in the world, or first if we calculate per capita. Saudi Arabia is the foremost buyer of France’s death-dispensing machines. The United Arab Emirates and Qatar are also major customers. He seems intent on restoring the glory, or is it gory, of French West Africa with a military presence in Mali, Chad, Burkina Faso, Niger and Mauritania.

Although he hasn’t changed, the sudden jolt of popularity mixed with the approval of his weapon-monger friends has given him the courage to expose his nature. He has promised a “merciless” response to the attack in Paris. Before he asked the UN to join him on a “merciless” campaign French bombs were already falling on the densely populated city of Raqqa with 200 000 inhabitants.


I’ll get back to “merciless” in a moment but I must point out that the entire western media all print the same story, shifting around the same words and phrases. See for yourself! Search “French bomb Raqqa” and see hundreds of articles all saying the same thing with the same words and pictures. Many tells us that “no civilian casualties have been reported and the civilian population does not seem particularly worried.”
ABC7, KXLY, CNN, GANT Daily, 5WCYB, NEWS4JAX and many more.

– Oh look, they’re bombing my city but I’m not particularly worried. Go out and play children, but be careful not to walk under any bombs.

Anyone with more than 13 brain cells knows that the people of Raqqa, the mommies, kids and anyone not in a coma, are terrified half to death.
T e r r i f i e d.

Tragically, millions of people fall under the spell of the unbiassed (sic & satire) corporate media of the West and go into an intellectual coma where they can be force-fed sensationally illogical garbage and swallow the illusion that a suicide bomber who kills a group of people threatens the entire international community whereas a major weapons dealer declaring to be merciless can bomb a city without worrying the residents.

Oh merciful Lord, why are you provoking my sanity?
Which brings us back to Hemorrhoid Hollande’s mercilessness. I applied quotation marks using “merciless” to copy the media’s usage. It’s formally incorrect, but it can’t be a typo when appearing in headlines and is used in several places. Why? I offer two guesses for this grammatically incorrect usage by the guardians of proper language.
1. The media is embarrassed. It’s an attempt to tone down the word and suggest that this isn’t really what he means.
2. They are trying to intimidate the Muslim world. Instead of demonstrating how they are going to cut off heads and eat hearts, they growl “merciless” before they charge.
My guesses.

Of course Hollande knows the meaning of merciless. His challenged intellect isn’t dead even if it’s weak enough to protect him from the awareness that he’s demonstrating the morals of an escargot. Let’s leave this slimy creature and listen instead to the roar of silence from the Christless Christian community.

Christians never tire of speaking of Christian morals, yet they embrace no moral not stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights except one. Have Mercy! Mercy is the only moral that can lay claim to being a Christian one. Merciless is antithesis to the teachings of Jesus and should be regarded as sacrilegious blasphemy. Anyone who encourages it, even someone with the morals of an escargot, should be condemned and, save for mercy, burned at the stake. Have you heard a single church authority, whether the progressive Pope or a modest minister comment on Hollande’s un-Christian and ungodly cry for mercilessness? I imagine that there are a few, but the media would come down on them like an inquisition.

Although mercy can be regarded as a Christian moral, it shares the sanctity of mercy with Islam, which is even more emphatic about it than Christianity. It is the very first thing said about God (pronounced Allah in Arabic) in the Koran, and voiced by Muslims daily. Allah is the All-Merciful, Ever-Merciful, Most Merciful, Especially Merciful or simply the Merciful depending on which version of the Koran one reads.

How have we come to a point where a head of state, raised Catholic, rants with rabid eagerness to kill the children of Abraham and Hagar mercilessly? Rather than serve a superficial answer to such an important question, I’ll wait until the next posting to explain this tragic state of affairs.
Stay tuned!



“They say that the increase in rain, storms, flooding
and the rise of the seas are caused by global warming.
What about the tears of God?”
Dartwill Aquila





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  1. Abdul Khaliq Kadwa / Nov 26 2015 7:45 am

    There is one and only one version of the Quran. There are many translations of the meaning of the Quran. Depending on the knowledge of Arabic of the translator and the and the fluency of English Language of the translator, translations of the meaning may vary. Since Allah is the Lord of the worlds and greater than anything a human can conceive, Allah is the most merciful. This is plain to any one with the least amount of common sense. To imply that there are versions of the Quran is either deliberately deceitful or a plain mistake due to ignorance or other wise.

    Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2015 23:37:15 +0000 To:

    • Fantelius / Nov 26 2015 8:25 am

      Thank you for your comment. As the article was written in English I didn’t deem it necessary to include the word English before the word version. This can be regarded as a mistake, but the obvious point of the entire paragraph was to show that Islam is “even more emphatic about it (mercy) than Christianity.” To jump on this slight possible oversight and suggest deliberate deceit illustrates that even champions of the Quran can be lacking in mercy.

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