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November 24, 2015 / Fantelius

Serial Terrorists from 9/11 to 13/11


Can anyone explain why a suicide bomber would take his passport on a mission to detonate explosives strapped to his waist? I’m not really asking. The likelihood of this being true rates with the likelihood of a passport surviving a blast that obliterates a commercial aircraft and all passengers including the owner of the passport, and then falls undamaged at the feet of a police officer.

It doesn’t matter. If the media says so, it must be true. Logic, common sense and the laws of nature are not called to the witness stand. Citizens don’t want to go anywhere near the implications of what exposing this nonsense implies. Should the validity of the Paris passport story come into question, the danger arises of doubts exploding on other aspects of the official narrative.

Why no pictures of the terrorists from any of the 100s of surveillance cameras at the concert and the soccer game?

How about the video* from Le Monde showing people running out of the back of the Bataclan theatre? An examination of the video reveals many strange actions but two are enough to expose this staged “docudementary”. We see a young woman who according to theGuardian “spent at least 2 and a half harrowing minutes dangling from a windowsill”. By “dangling” they mean hanging by her fingertips. Try it! If you can hang by your fingertips from a flat surface for two minutes I’ll send you a magic passport. You can use it to go through the magic door that disappeared during the video sequence, but is present on Google maps from before the incident and appears again the next day when police inspect the scene.

*This video was taken from the apartment window of Daniel Psenny, a Le Monde journalist who ‘by chance’ lives opposite the back of the Bataclan.

Another chance happening was reported by Patrick Pelloux on national radio. It seems that Paris emergency services (SAMU) “were so well prepared, because ‘by chance’ they had been planning for a similar scenario.” The odds of this extremely unusual multi-site attack occurring at the same time as an exercise for a similar scenario is many times greater than winning the national lottery. If the same person won the National lottery in France, England and the USA within 15 years mobs would be storming the National lottery offices and no one would complain if a head or two got chopped off by chance. Yet when the same pattern of extraordinary and deadly events plays out on three different occasions neither the talking heads, pundits or experts notice, much less connect the dots.

NYC 2001
An exercise simulating hijacked planes crashing into key buildings was going on while the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were being hit by hijacked planes.

London 2005
Peter Power said on BBC that he was working on a simulation drill “based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning”.

Paris 2015
Same-o, same-o. See above!

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to hear buzzers and bells of suspicion going off for this characteristic “modus operandi” as its called by criminal inspectors. The repetitive pattern of exercises running parallel to real events is as significant and revealing as a serial killer’s signature method of murder.

Speaking of criminal inspectors, how would one react if a prestigious person connected to a crime tried to prevent an investigation? Talk about a no-brainer! Yet that’s what happened in the case of 9/11. The biggest crime in the history of the USA and the Bush administration refused to investigate. With 3000s victims in the ashes of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, the president did everything in his power to prevent an investigation. Finally, after 17 months, pressured and embarrassed by the public reaction caused by family members of the victims (The Jersey Girls/The Family Steering Committee) demanding answers to a long list of questions, the government set up a commission stocked with politicians to document the crime. No professional investigator or forensic expert was on the commission. Two of the congressmen resigned from the commission stating publicly that it was designed to fail. Its budget was far less that had been allotted to investigate where Bill Clinton’s penis had been. The final report published 678 days after the event was described by Kristen Breitweiser, wife of one of the victims and leading advocate for an investigation, as “an utterly hollow report.” Yet even this hollow report still contains 28 censored pages. The murder of 3000 people has never been professionally investigated.

As a matter of interest, here’s one of the questions on the long list of questions put forward by the Jersey Girls:
“On September 9th the president had a war plan on his desk to go into
· What was the origin of this plan?
· Why was this plan drawn up even before the September 11th attacks?”

I don’t know why I bother. What’s the use of no-brainers when so many people refuse to use their brains?



“I challenge you to find one true statement coming out of the US government in the last 20 years.”
Paul Craig Roberts




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  1. summitflyer / Nov 24 2015 4:38 pm

    I know how you feel .The truth is too much to bear for so many.

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